Becoming the Greatest Pirate in WINDS OF FORTUNE ROBLOX

I’m training to become the greatest pirate ever to be seen in Winds of Fortune on Roblox. Beware mateys!


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  1. Dv saw ur new roblox items and my opinion I still like the old cape but the necklaces are cool

  2. Nice video DV, did you encounter me by any chance?
    I was DrChimcken saying "hi DV"

  3. i never played this but its sound really similar to world zero! you should try it 😀

  4. Such a cool game! I just started playing this game because I watched this video of you checking it out and wanted to give it a try! So worth it ❤😊


  6. Thanks for shining some light on this cool game so many amazing games get over shined by simulators that copy and paste the same idea click get pet and go to high Island

  7. Bro I started playing this game not even a week ago and what are the chances that you make a video about the same game

  8. It look like the old islands map 😂

  9. This game is like sea of thieves nice game tho

  10. Keep up the good work yout vids make my day dv

  11. Looks a lot like sea of thieves i tried this game too and it’s awesome

  12. I love this game i've been playing it for a long its pretty much sea of thieves I play both I dont play sea as much though due to the lag with xbox servers on pc due to me using xbox and that (tip: you can cook animals in the yacht and some others im pretty sure and eat it to heal

  13. Hey could you play NeonKnights, it’s a new game that came out recently on Roblox and is SUPER good, and has very pretty graphics

  14. Some tips
    -Delivery quest are best to get easy dabloon
    -Good starter weapon are the greatsword (recommend to grind the bandit greatsword then the mercenary greatsword)
    -Fastest boat is the yacht
    -Food heals you
    -Best type of long range (my opinion) the musket
    -Once you reach lvl 30 doing undead hunt and selling the miasma chest give more money than delivery quest
    -DONT BUY THE SLOOP its slow and suck just save up for the brig

  15. Hey dv can u try out this game called world zero it is rewll6 fun

  16. Hey dv can u help me do some raids plz on blox fruits i need to awaken my dough fruit or if someone else could help it would be cool my user is TGI_M19 and display name just TGI

  17. Bro this looks like an off-brand sea of thieves

  18. Can we have more islands love your videos

  19. I PLAYED THIS GAME BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, great gameplay, Shouldn't be surprise by you! (Ps Thanks for sparing Techno's brother!)

  20. This is basically just a combo of tradelands and sea of thieves

  21. What does he mean blox fruit can learn somthing from that? Blox fruit was first right?😅

  22. To be honest the graphics do not look like like roblox. Keep it up DV!!

  23. seems like world zero but…

    idk how to explain…

  24. I’ve always wanted to play sea of thieves and this is my alternative

  25. u should play the latest version 😀

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