Best PIRATE Games 2023 | TOP10 Pirate PC Games

Here are the TOP10 pirate games in 2023 for PC you can and should play. Some new games were released for the crew of every pirate ship.
There’s nothing more liberating than being a pirate. From insult swordfighting to dodging krakens, the PC boasts the finest pirate games out there. The Golden Age of Pirates has inspired many a story, song, and film, and video games are no exception to its inspirational qualities.
In this list, we take a look at some of the best and most played pirate-themed games of all time. If you like pirates and wanna be a pirate in your digital life then watch this TOP10 pirate games 2023 compilation.

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00:00 King of Seas
01:23 Windward
02:38 Blackwake
04:04 One Piece Odyssey
05:27 Buccaneers!
06:40 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
08:05 Lego Pirates of the Caribeean
09:25 Sea of Thieves
10:49 Return to Monkey Island
12:10 Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked


  1. There is/was that game I can't remember the name, just that it is named after the legend about that sea phenomenon, can anyone help please?

  2. in the aftermath of the FAILED 'skull and bones ' game, a GOOD pirate game must have (yes im looking especially at u ubisoft traitors(!) not in specific order :they functions and firing of cannons must be beliable and well made and fun, shooting back and forth between ships, the explosions must be good,the screams and chaos and shouting orders must be top notch dammitambient souds must be good and natural for background noise from animals, nature, town noises, etc the sfx and music must be of good quality and FIT THE THEME and natural mood of the settings at any given time !!some sea monstersbelievable wave looks and physics, nothing crazy but stillbeliveable change of weather functions , not to often but stillgood controls of the ships maneuvers (not either slow gran turismo or arcade extremesshould have confrontations and /or fights w wild animalsmust have sieges of towns and strongholds !must have some kind of believable diplomatic options that will influence the game in some degreethe players CHOICES SHOULD have some kind of consequences doesnt have to be a rpg game but SHOULD have rpg ELEMENTS must have some kind of supernatural elements or vibe in it somehowthe possibility of treasure maps and and digging up at least 5 hidden treasures at 5 very different locations Scattered in the game world…a decent story, not on a book level but relatablegood and fun boarding functions ships good and fun fighting on those said ships having the POSSIBILITY to WALK around freely at least in 30% of the gameworld LAND MASS minimum but not everywhere all the timebut sailing around EVERYWHERE none the less , no limitations here !! building and modifying, customizing and repairs options of ur ship(s)must be able to build and maintain at least 3 ships if so wishes at any given time during the first HALF of the gamemust have some kind of romantic and perhaps lewd content, but silly and not to serious or raunchy must have character duels,either as a part of the story, sidewuests or both !!must have backstabbing story content and side quests must have freedom of choice in every aspect of the word…explore, dialogue options etc… the players should feel that they are in a world where things they do matter and whatnotthe firing of cannons and the aim mechanism must be easy to learn but can be hard to mastermust have different cannonballsshould have customizable weaponsrecruiting and maintaining and interactions between u and your crew and among the crew members themselves crew SHOULD be a big part of the gamea suggestion for night and day cycles would be either to have it scripted related (like some quests are days , some are nights) and/OR have them constant , like 3 hour daylight vs 1 hour night IRL…

  3. Look at the game Sid meier's Pirates (on pc). When AC Black Flag came out i was thinking it was base on that game and I still believe it.

  4. Disappointing, hoped to find at least one game I haven’t hear of, I did but they all looked pathetically boring and painfully simple. How did those last 2 become the top placeholders, and over sea of thieves. They look like mobile app games.

  5. When someone will make a briliant pirate game with UE5 , like The Pirates of The Caribbean ( Sea Dogs II ) from 2003 ?AC Black Flag is in second place . And the new Skull and Bones will be with amazing graphics ,but sadly only for multiplayer .

  6. No pirate game better than AC Black flag hands down

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