Best PIRATE Games | TOP10 Pirate PC Games

There’s nothing more liberating than being a pirate. From insult swordfighting to dodging krakens, the PC boasts the finest pirate games out there. The Golden Age of Pirates has inspired many a story, song, and film, and video games are no exception to its inspirational qualities.
In this list, we take a look at some of the best and most played pirate-themed games of all time. If you like pirates and wanna be a pirate in your digital life then watch this TOP10 pirate games compilation.

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  1. Alguém conhece um jogo de piratas que é estratégico, que um navio invade o outro, se coloca torres de.4 pontas e outras em gordas se usa as vezes bolas de magia que atiram e tacam fogo nos navios.voces conhecem??
    Apenas para PC

  2. we need a pirate game where you can pick any type of ships and not be stuck on a small boat like in black flag. where the npc will retake places and forts not like you beat them once and now you control the whole part of the ocean

  3. Well nobody asked but my favorites are defenetly Blakewake and Sea of Thieves…

  4. Hmmm, Black Flag only on sixth place, I do not agree with that. And yes, skulls and bones looks promising but it is not released yet (really getting impatient for that one), so how could you rank it?

  5. You left out the best RPG pirate games… This list is SHIT.

  6. Wish they made a Saints Row Reboot in this era with cool unique characters. Would be awesome but we get another watchdogs 2 🙁

  7. We need a good pirate game with, lots of ships, different factions, aswell as a choice of being a merchant, pirate or working for Spanish or British navy, and lots of places to explore aswell as player and NPC controlled forts and towns

  8. Black flag will always be my favourite and nobody can change my mind

  9. We really need a good pirate game with open world and a great storyline

  10. Sea dogs/Age of pirate Era was, and always will be, the Golden age of single player pirate games, but damn… they are outdated
    There's a new project called "Corsair's Legacy", VERY promising and it's also on steam
    We definitely need a new Pirate Title, worthy of it's name

  11. Schade das es dauernd videofrequenzen sind die überhaupt nichts über das Spiel aussagen

  12. this list forgets Pirates of the burning Sea, a pirate MMO and a very nice game

  13. Pirates of the caribbean (2003) game should be in this list as that is one of the best pirate games ever made

  14. I still think the 2003 pirates of the carribiean is one of the greatest pirate games

  15. we need a pirate game from Rockstar like red dead

  16. I'd love to have battles like Salazar and Little Jack 😁

  17. So yo telling me my guy is gonna put crap Gamez over AC black Flag

  18. I wish designers would keep fantasy bullshit out of pirate games.

  19. Anyone says SOT isn't good, prob a bot. Got owned by sweats and dont play it anymore. I continue to play SOT, still waiting for some salty crews.

  20. Sid Meier's Pirates is still THE best pirate game ever!

  21. Basically it's sea of thieves, then everything else

  22. I wish sea of thieves was on PS4 and bring black wake to PS4 and PS five

  23. best pirate games why is lego there? and sea of thieves? sea of thieves is forcefully pvp which gets pretty much annoying especially with the toxic community.that they are greedy af and they don't let new players enjoy it.

  24. Sid Meier needs to take his thumb out of his a$$ and make a modern version of 'Pirates!'.

  25. Rule 1 to pirate is ship but ship its tool not a goal to SoT, spending little time with ship, so surrealistic events, always do the same things. For these reasons SoT is worst pirate game ever.

  26. So you have a Fantasy MMORPG in Archage and a rpg in pillars both have nothing to do with pirates. Sid Meiers Pirates should be on that list. Its obvious the creator of the video didn't have a clue what a pirate game is.

  27. When we say pirate game we really mean open world pirate game

  28. Why is skull and bones listed? Its not even out lol. For all you know it cld be a horrible game…

  29. out of all those games archeage shud be in 1-2 on the list best pirate game ever until the cry babies ruined it and the devs listened

  30. The one that always done my box in , you sink merchant and escort – but MILES away out of sight comes a Frigate … how did they know what happened ? never seen it

  31. Sid Meier's Pirates is better than any of those 😛

  32. And this is why there isnt 1 game focused on pirates. Players want ships, melee combat, story, brawls fight, a red dead redemption pirate focused game

  33. Skull n Bones is a pirate game, doesn't mean its the best. I find it a huge let down after waiting all this time.

  34. Very strange that the best pirate games is actually an assassin game

  35. I'd love to see Rockstar take a shot at a Pirate game. They handled the Western Genre so well with the Red Dead games and I feel like pirates would be a really neat step. Plus I think that the Rockstar sort of game engine and playstyle could fit the setting with some tweaks.

  36. Sea Dogs is the best pirate game I've ever played. The sequel would have been better if hadn't been rushed and renamed POTC just to tie in with the movie. The Legend of Black Kat on the PS2 was a fun game too!

  37. Туфта, Корсары рулят

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