BEST S Class Pirate Freighter In No Man’s Sky OMEGA

BEST S Class Pirate Freighter in No Man’s Sky OMEGA
How to get the best NEW Pirate Freighter in No Man’s Sky Omega Update.
Location for this S Class pirate freighter is Euclid, and glyphs will be shown in the video.
#nomanssky #omega #pirate #freighter

0:00 Intro
0:10 slots
0:15 Freighter Class
0:25 Interior of Pirate Freighter
0:31 Pirate Interior Bug Fix
0:50 Hanger Info
1:09 Get The Galaxy Right – Euclid

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  1. Hmm, i have some decisions to make…
    Luckily, i haven't invested a lot into my current ship, but it has 2 sets of paired slots on the left side…

  2. So, do you have to defeat this one to get it? Cause I've not had much luck when it comes to beating pirate ships, they always warp away, even if i've taken out their engines.

  3. OMEGA my S Class Dreadnaught isn’t great at supercharged layouts, so will definitely have to go grab this!

  4. It looks cool for sure, just not as cool as the Venators.

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