Blackbeard The Most Feared Pirate! #shorts

When you think about scary pirates, the first name that probably pops into your head is Blackbeard. And while he was probably the most feared pirate of the 18th century and the most famous pirate in history, he may not have actually been that brutal. 300 years after Edward Teach had his head chopped off in battle, historians and archaeologists have come together to shed some light on the man behind the mystery.
Many merchants in the 1700s spoke of Blackbeard as if he were a vengeful demon. He had fierce and wild eyes, kept three pistols in a holster across his chest, and kept lit matches in his beard to make it look like a hot, glowing mass of hair.

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  1. He had a war ship that alone would scare the hell out of a unsuspecting merchant vessel that couldn’t put fight it or out maneuver it

  2. His actual name was Edward thatch but the called him teach because he was a teacher I live off the coat were the queen annes revenge aunk

  3. Wrong. The most famous pirate was captain Jack Sparrow.

  4. Bring back jonny Pirates of the Caribbean , put down the trans homosexual cancel or we will boycott

  5. Zehahahah!

    I made them think I'm terrifying

    -Buggy's thought.

  6. He cut out a live persons heart and took a bite out of it

  7. His real name was Edward Teach. He was likely from Bristol, England. and according to researchers, was probably educated considering his writing abilities. He often wrote. He was also notorious for being 6’5”, which in those days was considered giant. Average men’s height at that time was around 5’6”. He would light canon fuses that were tangled in his beard for intimidation purposes. Although he was feared and thought to be violent, he would often times spare British sailors instead of killing them. He was more into stealing than he was killing (he still killed a lot) He was a highly skilled navigator. It’s also highly probable he was an alcoholic but high functioning.

  8. the 1st name that popped on my head was captain jack sparrow.

  9. Meanwhile the first 2 names that popped in my head were Monkey D. Luffy and Edward Kenway….

  10. Virginia governer takes down irl blackbeard
    What if one piece bb gets defeated by the gorosei

  11. Blackbeard was probably a good man because we all know now that identities have been swapped around all throughout history the good what's taking over by the bad and the bad in their deeds were given to the good names. Judas probably was a good man and truly love the Lord. What evil these demons have been feeding us. .

  12. So does this means that the one piece is indeed real?

  13. Both Sengoku and Whitebeard were sending play after play, and tbh Sengoku had WB on the tactical front, but it was balanced out by Luffy's sheer unpredictability and the impact on Garp.

  14. Killed in battle? Wtf is this a fake video

  15. Cuts off lips bbq-ed them let the anymie eat them where they came from cutted off…

  16. Not me thinking about jack from pirates of the Caribbean

  17. That's where they got the backstory for The Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride.

  18. He is vicious! He wields a bounty if 3.996 berries and has the yami yami no mi!!!

  19. He is very scary bc he has 2 devil fruits 😳

  20. Why did u guys not talk about his haki abilities

  21. Strange fact
    Pirates are rich and live on oceans but rarely or never take a shower

    Clean people who live on ground are poor

  22. I thought of jack sparrow for a second;-;

  23. I was looking for blackbeard in op not this one

  24. How would you know that if you were not there at that time

  25. I bet the people in the 21st century will obviously know much more than the people of the 18th century

  26. Of course he’s feared he’s a yonko🤨

  27. blackbeard got 2 devil fruits so of course he’s feared

  28. Blackbeard can eat 2 devil fruits at same time how is that not dangerous

  29. Francois L'Olonnais would have been a pirate more rightful to be feared.

  30. He have strong devil fruit, that why he feared

  31. What do you mean Blackbeards the best and most feared pirate in the whole world you’re forgetting my boy Jack sparrow

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