Blackwake Kickstarter Trailer – Pirate FPS Game

(Over as of Oct 16) Get Alpha/Beta access here:

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Blackwake is a multiplayer pirate fps naval game set during the age of sail. The game focuses largely on team based tactics while also featuring a fast paced environment filled with destruction, combat, and strategy. Organizing a broadside, assisting your captain in navigating through various weather conditions, or just being part of the gun crew – there are many roles to be filled in this shooter


  1. If you wanna sell a game, make the trailer honest, and put Bikeman in it. I can't wait for this game. A+

  2. Can it be more ships on each team? like 3 or 4. That would be awesome xD

  3. lol, atentic 18th century combat, BAM cannon ball strait into the head as soon as palpatine uses the force.

  4. Are we able to throw money at this game still?
    I'd like to help kickstart it. But when I click one of the links on the kickstarter page it brings me to their Youtube channel.

  5. That was the most beautiful trailer I have ever seen. Most games go try hard with CGI and scenario based scripted scenes. You guys were just like "Fuck it bloopers time!" Love it, if this game gets added to steam I am so buying it.

  6. Is this game F2P and if so is it going to be P2W ?

  7. please make a private match option I want to sail the SS Choad around and sing like pirates with my friends :}

  8. since there will be galleons, what about ships of the line? men of war?

  9. i really found the trailer so hilarious

  10. Hello 😀 , you could add more elements Baroque, to give it a feeling or a greater sense of century XVIII ^^



  12. It wont let me back you on kickstarter it just gets me back to your youtube :/

  13. Is it possible to buy the game? or to have information on the release please.

  14. in your email you said if we didnt get a key to communicate through the kickstarter and this is the only one i found and i do not have a key so can i get one?

  15. Looks incredibly janky. Sea of Thieves looks far better.

  16. Music: Johann Strauss II – An der schönen, blauen Donau – Walzer, Op. 314

  17. I would kill to get early access to this

  18. I personally think this looks better and will be more fun than sea of thieves only time will tell, I just hope this game is available on counsel

  19. what are the orginal vidoes of this trailer, i remeber seeing one of them and lauging myself to death! cant wait for this game!

  20. 'That son of a bitch' – first time in the history devs swear in the very beginning of first game presentation of their game, I wonder what would happen if you did this during E3 or something :v

  21. are you going to make this game free on release because u got like 160 grand in us dollars more then your goal for the kickstarter?

  22. What happend to the nice interface in the EA?


  24. Hey Tyler & Dakota , I just want to say you did a damn good with this game!

  25. It's crazy to see how much you changed, amazing

  26. Why every game is multiplayer? I need a pirate singleplayer open world rpg fps game.

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