Blaza Makes This Pirate Game 5000% More Sus

Blaza Makes This Pirate Game 5000% More Sus

@Blaza Plays

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In this pirate video, fatmemegod (morememegod), tbhhonest, socksfor1, blaza, and laff play the new dread hunger game which is similar to among us. There are 2 impostors and and everyone else is the crewmates. The objective of the crewmates is to repair the ship before the impostor pirates win.


  1. Memegod
    Can you try fnf vs Monika hd+ with nadwe you Will see in final song


  3. Run out to dinner tonight, I was in my car, but the city is not going back home, and a lot to be thankful I can can get the city, I have been in the pops up with you guys have fun! I was in my car, I have been in the email I have to go with me

  4. Yes I've been waiting for this the hole gang is here

  5. I think that you and ally are the best boy friend and girlfriend

  6. The fact that everyone's mice was broken was so funny to me

  7. Socks is a lot funnier when he doesn't have to be family friendly

  8. First game: knock-off russian roulette

  9. i love how socks says go back to youtube kids

  10. memememememememememememememememememmememememememememememememememememememememmememememeemememememememgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgogdoh

  11. Yooo I didn't know you use steam I do to niceee

  12. One may wellerman come to bring the surger tea and rum

  13. Morememegod and fatmemegod FOREVER! YOU make soo good content

  14. Respect for content. It would be nice to attract new audience of viewers, try to u t i f y, some of my channels is blossomed after using it ☺

  15. Why play this if u can play Assassins creed

    For the dumbasses that dont know wut assassins creed is:just get out

    Just leave

  16. 😂😂😂 that was so funny God back to me God fat me good

  17. Bengals I'm very good fan Mr Krabs is not I am here to help you know a mess time you responded the devil Gordon's I actually like it now I want to help you or straight them just let me know my team and I'll let you I'll be there for you broskis manga

  18. How u get the man with diamong teeth biting meme

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