Blaza Makes This Pirate Game 5000% More Sus

Blaza Makes This Pirate Game 5000% More Sus

@Blaza Plays

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In this pirate video, fatmemegod (morememegod), tbhhonest, socksfor1, blaza, and laff play the new dread hunger game which is similar to among us. There are 2 impostors and and everyone else is the crewmates. The objective of the crewmates is to repair the ship before the impostor pirates win.


  1. Sus and blaza. The two words that go together great

  2. The way to make it funny install a BAD mic

  3. That's a lotta uploads today by the sock gang

  4. When you're so late that you only see meam God's comment

  5. Why is meme so funny hes to funny to live

  6. Laff has committed treason and must eat American cheese

  7. memegod please heart this comment and make my day

  8. This is a pirate of the Carribbean Remake

  9. ayooo all of you guys did opload in the same day? .. this MUSTbe a dream or if its not mabye a prank from Mr Beast

  10. Everyone I posting this is the best thing ever

  11. Fun fact meme will not reply to this comment

  12. Please read comments bro… no no my gulabjamun and milkgova❤️

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