Blazing Sails (Pirate Battle Royale)- Official Trailer | gamescom 2020

You and your team battle it out on the high seas to be the last ship left afloat in this cartoonish battle royale game.

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  1. Even the name Sea of thieves explains what’s goin on here

  2. If it has private lobbies or a singleplayer it'd have my money.

  3. When you want a job at Rare but they never replied to your application.

  4. I can't afford sea of thieves but I can afford this.


  5. how tf do you get your game to the final stages of development looking like this??

  6. Mom: we have sea of thieves at home
    The sea of thieves at home:

  7. This game literally has every little suggestion I myself have added to SOT forums just very poorly executed.

  8. This game was in decvelopment before SoT, can you all shut it?

  9. Me: Mom, can I get Sea of Thieves.

    Mom: We have Sea of Thieves at home.

    Sea of Thieves at home:

  10. I have a question, do you need to have form your own group to play this or does the game match you with random players?

  11. amazing game! imo much more fun than sea of thieves !

  12. Massively fun game when you have a couple friends to play with.

  13. When you get redbeard from SoT and this game is giving you a second chance lmao

  14. Hey the game is called "Sea of Thieves" they had every right to steal the game from Rare

  15. ppl dont seem to realise that the engine is literally battlefield heroes. look at the body proportions, faces, nose and run animation HAHAHHAA

  16. Looking the based comments here, pretty sure many are from those who only watched the trailer but didnt bother to buy the game and play it themselves. First of all, this is NOT like Arena and is not even close. Second, u dont have hitreg, backtrack, black screen and other dumb bugs from Sot. Third, it is even more balanced than Sot and even the new weapons are balanced (u literally can have a hand cannon. Can u have this in Sot?).

    Also, those ones calling this game Arena Sot must be crying to buy this game now since Arena is gone and wont come back. And if u expected something bringing a huge change in captaincy that will get many players back to the game, Surprise, u got nothing but deception.

  17. They went with Blazing Sails because "Theives of the sea" seemed too on the nose

  18. Just steal everything from SOT, but call it Blazing Sails hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  19. this looks like if sea of thieves was more about action than adventure. The fighting mechanics do look better, which isnt hard since sea of thieves has the worst fighting mechanics of all time

  20. This has to be the worst game and bootleg ever created

  21. Everyone talking Sea of Thieves when Blackwake did it first :>

  22. its free coming on epic

  23. Everyone keeps saying it looks like Sea of Thieves but please know your facts, people. THIS game was here first, Sea of Thieves based its entire gameplay and artstyle on Blazing Sails. Really wrong to complain about something thats the other way around😅

  24. Sea of thieves with Sinbad main theme xD

  25. It’s free on epic games right now!!! Don’t miss out! Matches are dead but let’s get it going again!

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