Blazing Sails (Pirate Battle Royale)- Official Trailer | gamescom 2020

You and your team battle it out on the high seas to be the last ship left afloat in this cartoonish battle royale game.

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  1. Very proud to be helping the developers and be a part of Blazing Sails!

  2. When the company is more pirates then there own game.

  3. It’s kind of ironic that this pirate game is practically the same as SOT, another pirate game developed by Rare. Who are the pirates, the developers or the players?

  4. This is like copying someone's homework but instead of a t you put an a

  5. This is literally sea of thieves but the animations are off

  6. come on! Why not cross-plss here!?!

  7. It’s just Sea of Thieves, but worse graphics, and somehow even worse combat.

  8. I was questioning if this was made by rare for a second

  9. Well at least people got what they ask for, brigantine arena!
    (This game don’t look to bad and it just another battle royal like other pirate battle royal game)

  10. You’ve got to be shitting me, who the hell did they think they were gonna fool with this knock-off?

  11. they even have some of the same island names hahahaha

  12. Me: Hey mom can we get sea of thieves?

    Mom: No we have sea of thieves at home

    Sea of thieves at home:

  13. A game where you can be a pirate and practice pirating in real life?

  14. genuinely just sea of theives they didnt even try

  15. I can't believe people are actually supporting this game.

  16. lmao even the outfits are the same as SoT

  17. So I guess you could say they STOLE the idea from Sea Of Thieves ey? 😉

  18. Could they have made it any more obvious? They even stole two island names from sea of thieves

  19. This game could be free and I wouldn't play it.

  20. Umm so basically yall stole sea of thieves?

  21. LMAO!!! I think I smell a lawsuit coming…. And I'll just stick to Sea of Thieves!

  22. Bootleg sea of theives from indian guy on twitter

  23. Not to put anything against this game, but it basically seems like Sea of Thieves, but it forces you to fight each other even more because it is a Battle Royal.

  24. Wtf this is literally just sea of thieves lol

  25. Should have just called it thieves of the sea

  26. Wrong name, It's called "Sea of thieves" , Yeah Like the developers THIEVES

  27. It would be exciting, if this game didn't already exist? o.O

  28. I’ve never seen anything like this before! Wow!

  29. This is the Sea Of Theives Downgrade, Theives of Sea

  30. I don’t even play sea of thieves and this is hands down a HUGE Ripoff!!

  31. Ok i have no hate for this game or anything it actually looks quite fun but its dangerously close to looking like sea of thieves

  32. Low-key want to stream this game just to point out every way Rare is going to sue them 😂

  33. When your mum says you have sea of thieves at home

  34. Did sea of thieves make this is was this like fortnight where its just coping another game and trying to steal the credit

  35. At this point the game will fail due to us recognizing this is a blatant ripoff of Sea of Thieves and would not support this. Do the right thing for your devs sake and pull it, rethink and re-brand it.

  36. The wheel turning animation for both the ship and anchor are literally the exact same as Sea of Thieves. They're gonna catch a lawsuit

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