Blue Jays vs. Pirates Game Highlights (5/5/23) | MLB Highlights

Blue Jays vs. Pirates full game highlights from 5/5/23

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  1. Boy, the Blue Jays were running circles on the base pads. I'm surprised they didn't score 10 runs in this game

  2. After such a bashing by the Sox, its comforting to see the Jays play so well against the Buccos. Really nice performances all round, Bassit pitching cleanly, Bo hitting like a beast, Chapman throwing missiles and Whit Merrifield doing just about everything right. Oh and how's Vladdy?! Just so much consistency here.

    Just goes to show, that despite the recent losses, Jays can bounce back with some real style.❤❤❤

  3. This is what I've been expecting from the Buccoos. Typical, mediocre baseball with poor decisions.

  4. How to click on every MLB video and never see any actual game play footage.
    1. Click an MLB video
    2. Watch first and second ad's
    3. Move slider towards the end of video
    4. Watch third ad and fourth ad's
    5. Move slider back towards the beginning
    6. Watch 5th and 6th ad's
    7. Go back and click on another video
    8. Repeat.

  5. It’s interesting to watch how jays play the Red Sox the next series

  6. Good to back in the win column! Go Jays!!

  7. The Pirates are playing like the Pirates again.

  8. 2:30 저럴거면 베이스를 터치 못하게 애초에 베이스를 막고 서있지. 문지기처럼

  9. Pirates need to get back to playing winning baseball Let's go pitates!

  10. How can we get swept by filthy, pube faced Verdugo and the Beaners? Grosses me out.

  11. Ahh it feels so good to get back into the W column! Great start from Bassitt,(despite his command issues) and I’m so pleased that George FINALLY hit a Springer Dinger! Hopefully that’s a sign that he’s gotten out of his slump! Let’s go Blue Jays!! 💙💙

  12. listen jays fan these amazing plays n in moment hustle from Merrifield is ALL STAR .which he been doing since time he was a staple in k.c before here.2x all star n there go to the guy….now a jay and seeing him play can we agree he blends in perfect with this team

  13. Why not merrifield name on the summary of the game. He deserve it

  14. The Toronto Blue Jays are 19-14🔵🔴⚪️🐦🇨🇦

  15. There goes the optimism from April. It was fun while it lasted. Now back to the reality of being a suffering Pirates fan. PAIN!

  16. Noted Jays killer Carlos Santana was not smooth trying to take 3rd.

  17. MLB needs to punish fielders for blocking the base/home plate. The attempted steal to 3rd by Bae- he could have easily broken his wrist

  18. If the Red Sox are good.. no playoffs this year.

  19. Hey MLB back to back ads? We can get the HL elsewhere, get real.

  20. The AL East is the scariest division in the past 20 years.

  21. Good win Jay's, Bullpen stank it up in Boston

  22. What's with the ad break every minute it seems?

  23. Why isn't that blocking the bag at 3rd base ? On out call stolen base? Clearly no way he has a path to the bag the way it was blocked?

  24. I heard the Pirates were good this year, but I guess not.

  25. If your closed captioning is on, you will notice that Bo Bichette is written as "Boba Schett".

    Maybe George Lucas is doing the CC…?

  26. レッドソックスにやられた分を取り返さないと❗

  27. カストロはエンゼルスのレンヒフォに似てるな。

  28. うーん、ちょっとこの試合は暴走が多いな。

  29. I hate it when the Jays wear the gray jerseys, should've deactivated them, but we lost in our other jerseys to the Red Sox.

  30. 🏍️ After a 20-8 start the mast has broken right off the Pirates ship.

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