Blue Jays vs. Pirates Game Highlights (5/6/23) | MLB Highlights

Blue Jays vs. Pirates full game highlights from 5/6/23

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  1. The Jays got Belt now i didn't no they went out in got Belt.

  2. Pittsburgh just needs a deep breath and to relax
    It’s a long season and we’re working on building the base

  3. I wonder if playing the AL East teams is giving the Pirates a reality check

  4. This is the Pirates we all know and love

  5. 피츠버그
    본모습이 나오는건가 ,,,,,

  6. The Toronto Blue Jays are 20-14🔵🔴⚪️🐦🇨🇦

  7. Yo can you guys like not take hours to pump out Highlights? Sportsnet has NHL highlights within minutes of the game ending

  8. The Pirates should have never went to Florida and played the Rays

  9. If Vladdy is really hurt they gonna need belt to step up

  10. Pirates are back How they are losing team

  11. A lot of Canadian fans were present especially from southern ontario

  12. パイレーツめっちゃ観客入ってて草

  13. Couple of big wins after a rough slide! Good stuff, Blue Jays!!

  14. I stated that if the pirates could take the series from the Ray's then there would be no doubt that they are for real. Well that never happened, in fact they got swept and are on the verge of getting swept by the Jay's. Well pirate fans it was good while it latest. Now back down to reality we go.

  15. Things are easier when you don't have to face the cheatin' Sox at Fenway

  16. April was fun, now lets get another top draft pick 😂 This wasn't supposed to be their time anyhow.

  17. Pirates have been a complete joke and a complete disappointment again and again multiple times

  18. Watching the Pirates only leads me to believe April was a major fluke, and only set up fans for a major, major disappointment. They have regressed to subpar baseball, which proves my point of how easy it is to get on a losing streak and not recover through October.

  19. lmao Hedges's walk-up song is Fat-Bottomed Girls

  20. Another win for George Springer and the Toronto Blue Jays to beat Bryan Reynolds and thr Pittsburgh Pirates ⚾🔵🔴⚪🇨🇦

  21. Boston was just pissed that the Bruins exited early and TO is still in it so they took it out on the Blue Jays….we will beat boston as we usually do next series! GO TO!

  22. Pirates went from being best NL Team in April & now the worst so far this May.

  23. Berrios pitching good! I cant believe it!

  24. Baseball really need to realign divisions

  25. I laughed back before Bo was signed their were comments claiming the Jays did not want to sign Bo and trade him because of a perceived weakness on defence. I thought “ Am I missing something”, because he is a GREAT Bat with better than average defensive skills. Here we are to day leading the American League in hits and a work effort second to none. It just goes to show not all fans know what they are talking about and how quick some Toronto Fans are to throw they’re players under the bus. GO LEAFS

  26. The Pittsburgh ballpark looks pretty cool. Is it a good place to watch baseball?

  27. The Pirates are settling back into true Pirate form I see. At least the month of April was fun. Please not another 90+ game loss season…Goooo Bucks. 😭

  28. Let's be real, the Pirates aren't that great and were due for regression.

  29. Pirates going back to where they originally belonged. It was nice to see your fun ride till it lasted and this is coming from a division rival team's fan.

  30. Told you pirate fans but no “this team is different” lol yeah right different triple A team with same cheap owner that makes around 240….spends 50–60 mill on roster.

    If you want them to win stop going to the games or watching them on TV and owner will be forced to spend more.

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