Blue Jays vs. Pirates Game Highlights (5/7/23) | MLB Highlights

Blue Jays vs. Pirates full game highlights from 5/7/23

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  1. Kiermaier was actually safe with that triple, from watching that slo-mo replay.

  2. Well, at least this Toronto team won today.

  3. Опять стали каждую игру спойлерить…смотреть смысла уже нет..остаётся только минусовать!

  4. Time for Castro to sit. Hasn’t contributed anything but errors and his bat is cold right now.

  5. the pirates just keep on losing , i haven’t seen their cocky fans in the comments in 2 weeks

  6. 日本人メジャーリーガーは大谷だけじゃないぞ

  7. おっしやー!ナイスピッチよ雄星!

  8. 雄星5勝目の白星おめでとう㊗️次回の登板も頑張れ👍😊

  9. FFS, Pirates. Total collapse offensively and defensively. It’s not losing seven games in a row, but getting bent over and breech loaded like a shotgun.

  10. Hopefully the jays keep playing like this

  11. Pirates Sweep Red Sox
    Red Sox sweep Blue Jays
    Blue Jays sweep Pirates

    Baseball is weird

  12. Bottom of the order dealing today.

    Kevin Kiermaier with a double or triple and a home run
    Merrifield with a home run and good speed to leg out an infield single
    And Brandon belt belts one almost out of right field

  13. Kikuchi has turned his anger and sadness at not being selected for the Japanese WBC team, a dream of his, into strength for this season.
    When Japanese people focus on something with strong determination, they do not cut their beards.

  14. Pirates are on the up-swing but the AL East has humbled them.

  15. Ok, now this is the Pirates we all know, love and pity, 7 losses in a row on the way to another 100 loss season, this organization is the biggest joke in professional sports!😂😂

  16. Nice bounce back Sweep Jays, tho I wud of preferred my other Toronto team to win today they needed it more, Jays already won this series 😏

  17. Varsho has been on a tear lately. Good stuff!

  18. Belt has really turned it on after a lousy start.

  19. How to click on every MLB video and never see any actual game play footage.
    1. Click an MLB video
    2. Watch first and second ad's
    3. Move slider towards the end of video
    4. Watch third ad and fourth ad's
    5. Move slider back towards the beginning
    6. Watch 5th and 6th ad's
    7. Go back and click on another video
    8. Repeat.

  20. Varsho is finally showing his batting potential, now on .732 OPS

  21. Can any jays fan tell me where buck Martinez has been on the play by play calls? he's been gone for a while

  22. Wow… the 9th pretty much summed up that series. Very impressed by Varsho's slogging into the Allegheny lol… everyone having a hit today.

    Really nice to watch!!❤❤

  23. George Springer and the Toronto Blue Jays wins again over Carlos Santana and the Pittsburgh Pirates, awesome huh ⚾🔵🔴⚪🇨🇦

  24. wow no one mentions intimidstion of pitching at fenway

  25. bo the blue jays is the best team in this league

  26. Kiermaier was safe. Why they didn’t challenge is mind boggling

  27. Regresan los verdaderos piratas perdedores normal

  28. Belt starting to come around… that’s for everybody ripping on him after 50 at bats 😂

    Idiots everywhere. Like complete and utter idiots

  29. 기쿠치의 활약, 부활을 선수, 코치진이 투타 양면에서 4게임 연속 적극 지원해줬다. 이제 기쿠치는 스스로 날아 갈 수 있게 됐고 4~5년은 토론토에서 매년 10승 이상은 지켜 낼 것이다. 기쿠치의 지속적인 승리, 토론토의 중흥을 기대한다.

  30. The Jays, no names, no fame, no BIG money, just real good baseball players. Got to love the Jays

  31. I am late to this, but the way I see the out at third the challenge goes two ways: he gets called safe and Espinal (who hasnt been able to find consistency this year due to lack of playing time) either cashes him in and turns the lineup over or he chokes and the lineup turns over next inning anyway. Or the call stands and the inning ends AND they lose the challenge in the thrid inning and people get mad at Schneider either way. I think playing it safe here was good (despite video showing safe) because you never know what the umps will do.

  32. 1 Toronto team sweeping a series while another's getting swept lol

  33. パイレーツ頑張れ、ドジャース、アストロズ とは互角だったのにこれで7連敗か〜。
    まだ貯金はあるから明日からはロッキーズ だからなんとか連敗を止めよう!


  34. Damn Jays just nutted hard in the 9th to crush any, and all hope for the Pirates.

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