Blue Jays vs. Pirates Game Highlights (5/7/23) | MLB Highlights

Blue Jays vs. Pirates full game highlights from 5/7/23

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  1. Great bounce-back from that disastrous sweep in Boston with a sweep of our own👍🏻

  2. 6.1 innings, 4 hits, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, 5 wins and 0 losses, Kikuchi, who always shows good pitching, is cool

  3. TOR sweeps the series against a good team in PIT. After that 5 game losing streak looks like they are back on track. 3-0 so far on a 5 game road trip. Congrats on the series win TOR 👍.

  4. That sweep was desperately needed after the disastrous series in Boston.

    Look at Kikuchi with a 5-0 record! Ace of the staff 😬

  5. Kikuchi completely dominated the Pirates‼︎ They hit a real wall of strength and sank‼︎😀

  6. アラン・パーソンズ・プロジェクト says:

    🧔🏻Japanese Verlander Kikuchi Well done❗🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. The Toronto Blue Jays are 21-14🔵🔴⚪️🐦🇨🇦

  8. Snowcone it? Is that a Canada dig? 😛

  9. ブルージェイズのファンは、日本人で最も偉大な投手の一人である菊池の価値を分かっていない。

  10. the tampa tellitubies are better😂

  11. yimi garcia needs to go to the minors or something

  12. I like when Kikuchi is on the bump.⚾

  13. Still wondering y it takes so long for Bluejays highlights.

  14. started season off great buccos but these two sweeps by getting beatin, not just beat brings us back to oh boy. Still, try to recover and get your bats going.

  15. 👏👏👏👏

  16. Pirates have scored 9 runs total in their last 7 games. In the one game before that, they scored 16…soooo umm. Goodness. uhm. well. hey one day at a time.

  17. Every Pirates player needs to stay hours after and hit the batting cage. Too much partying after a strong start these guys forgot how to play baseball. Absolutely embarrassing performance at home.

  18. They shouldn't be using Garcia for more than 1 inning.

  19. Teams from other divisions don't stand a chance against the AL east

  20. ビシェット、ブルージェイズの試合見るたびにヒット打ってるw

  21. Thanks for waking us up Redsoxs 😂🥊🇨🇦🇺🇸

  22. Looked like KK was safe at 3rd on that play in top 3. But oh well, didn't make a huge difference.

  23. All it takes is for the other teams to watch pirate films and the collapse begins. Where have we seen this before so many times. 😳

  24. Stick a fork in the Pirates, they’re done…😢

  25. Who here would jump in the river to get a HR ball? I am not sure I would.

  26. Kikuchi Revenge Tour resumes after the bad Boston outing.

  27. Thank God!!!! I was so worried the universe was upside down when the bucs were playing winning baseball.

  28. Pirates running into the AL East buzzsaw was an eye-opening experience for Pittsburgh

  29. I'm guessing the Pirates aren't having a whole lot of fun playing the AL East teams

  30. Kikuchi is really doing his best this year. It looks different from last year. wonderful.

  31. Kiermaier was actually safe in the third.

    You can tell, slow it down!!

  32. Merrifield should be hitting leadoff until Springer gets it together. He gets on and has speed

  33. Great game. Go Blue Jays Go!!!❤😊

  34. ブイブイ言わせた甘い宇治原38ch says:

    kikuchi nice pitch!

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