Blue Jays vs. Pirates Game Highlights (9/2/22) | MLB Highlights

Blue Jays vs. Pirates full game highlights from 9/2/22, presented by Roman Health

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  1. The Pirates are so bad that when Joe Biden ends his presidency he can say, “I wasn’t that bad.”

  2. Manoah Makes Pirates Walk The Plank!!

    Manoah 'magic hands' was at it again as he completely SHUTDOWN & SHUTOUT the Pirates spinning 7.1 innings of scoreless baseball… On a different note after coming back from the Injured List swinging a red hot bat, Springer has gone ice cold recently… Hope he can find his swing again soon…

  3. Jays need a massive September to make the wild card. Those series against the Rays and Orioles look daunting, gotta squeeze wins from the Pirates.

  4. 💙 👍🏾 Yeah JIGGAZ‼️😎🍁🇨🇦

  5. 4th and 9th innings. So never go early. Manoah was in a really good mood. The game wasn't as great as the result. But it doesn't work with the P's either. Hit rate not great but a nice HR and a SB. Important win as Rays and Os also won. Keep it up!

  6. 💙🍁🇨🇦💙🍁🇨🇦💙🍁🇨🇦💙🍁🇨🇦💙🍁🇨🇦💙🍁🇨🇦💙

  7. Every game is becoming important for the Jays with the way Tampa and Seattle are playing.

  8. I could only pray the Nuttings would sell the Pirates to real ownership team that would try to win.

  9. What an amazing job of cutting the video !! Thank you

  10. Why does it take them so long for them to post the game?

  11. I'm a jays fan. But I like the rookies for the pirates. Suwinski and Cruz look to be very exciting.

  12. If this was 1985, Alek Manoah gets a complete game win


  14. I like biggio on first tho… Vladdy is a good DH.

  15. Good win, we’re going to need more if we want a chance at the postseason. Would love to see us playing with more confidence too, it’s been shakey but we’ll need to look past it and just get wins.

  16. Man the Jay's shouldn't even have as many wins as they do. All their home games have been handicapped since they are the only ones with a vaccine rule.

  17. This series is gonna be critical for the Jays, Rays are dangerous but the O’s are just EXPLODING! And with the Yankees shutting down completely it’s anyones game. . .well almost anyone’s

  18. As a jays fan this is going to be a stressful September lol

  19. What is wrong with Bichette? Constant selfish plays. Loaded bags, swings for the fences. Caught trying to turn a single into a double. Errors all the time.

  20. Strikes out three Jays low and away. They've played 100 games and still can't lay off breaking balls low and away. The Blue Jays are Pedro Serrano. They should pray to Jobu and sacrifice a live chicken.

  21. Toronto vs pirata🏏⚾️🇨🇦🏴‍☠️

  22. 건너뛰기 많지 않게 편집을 아주 잘 해준 편이어 보기 좋았습니다~^ ^

  23. 마누아는 참 기복이 없어 점수를 주든말든 자기 공을 던져… 프로의 모범이야..

  24. As much as I don't like Buck on PBP (Shulman is worlds better), it was nice to hear Buck do PBP again.

  25. The Toronto Blue Jays are 71-59🔵⚪️🔴🇨🇦

  26. Nutting’s destroyed this once proud franchise. For the love of God and baseball, sell the team to someone who cares more about winning than revenue sharing. That said, it’s past time to completely clean house from the GM to the entire coaching staff. They’ve had more than enough time to make a positive impact. Instead it’s shutout after shutout and meaningless games from June on. They talk, talk, talk about all the amazing prospects and every season, it’s largely unwatchable baseball. I’m a lifelong Bucco fan and it disgusts me the way this franchise is mismanaged.

  27. WHY do you switch from broadcast to broadcast?! You know what the result will be b4 the play is shown!! Takes away suspense.

  28. Ok not gonna lie, it looked like if that Pirates left fielder was more aware of his surroundings and got a good jump, he could've robbed Bo's Homer

    Not that it would've mattered in the end, and glad Bo got a big hit. Feels like its been a hot minute 😂

  29. Is nobody talking about how George springer in on a 0-19 streak at the plate

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  31. Is that Yankees fan still posting comments in the Jays highlights? His name is PAC something, I think.

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