BRAiN GAME with Adley Navey & Niko!! Finding Memories in JELLO a family 2023 Recap Movie by Dr Dad

sharing all our favorite memories of 2023 🧠


HEY EVERYBODY!! Our whole family was bored today.. we knew we wanted to make and A for Adley video, but we didn’t know what to do for it. Niko had an idea to go to Hawaii.. but that wouldn’t work.. Mom wanted to do chores but that’s not fun! Then Dad had the idea to re-visit all our memories from 2023, but nobody could remember what we did last year! Then we remembered that we can take our brains out and look at all our memories like that. Dad ran away for a second then he came back with a new Doctors office and some tools to take our brains out with. Niko was up first so Dr. Dad gave him a numbing shot, then he used his saw to get to his brain and pull it out! Next he took Navey’s brain out, and then he took mine out! Then it was time to look at all our memories so we started to pull them out of our brains and inspect them! We did SO many fun things last year! We made a disgusting restaurant with Roman Atwood and his daughter Cora, and we went to CrunchLabs to do science experiments with Mark Rober! We played lots of fun games like “Adley won’t wake up” and “Adley is the boss”! Last year is also when we found a portal in our basement that transports you to the portal house with the Rainbow Ghosts! Last year I turned 8 years old, and Niko turned 5! My birthday party was neon themed, Niko’s birthday party was a Minecraft party! I also made another song with Barbie last year and got to visit the world of Barbie! 2023 was such a fun year, and I’m ready to make 2024 a BEST YEAR EVER too!

my last video – GRANNY ViSiT the STORY!! Navey & Moms first time inside a Magic Library Book and candy store escape

my dad’s last video – SNOW CONE SCHOOL!! Family Day at PiRATE iSLAND! sledding and snowboarding with Adley Niko & Navey

G for Gaming latest video – DiSNEYLAND but in MiNECRAFT 🌟 Adley & Navey visit video game Mickey n Minnie after Nikos challenge

A for Adley Shorts –
Best Day Ever Shorts –
G for Gaming –
Spacestation Animation –

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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