Braves vs. Pirates Game Highlights (8/23/22) | MLB Highlights

Braves vs. Pirates full game highlights from 8/23/22, pres. by @mattressfirm

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  1. The Atlanta Braves are 77-48🔵⚪️🔴🪓

  2. Fried was wheeling and dealing and the offense came to life in the fifth inning. This game went by fast. Let's sweep the Pirates.

  3. Braves radio broadcast pointed out that the 5th inning for the Braves took place with only 20 pitches. 3 outs plus 5 runs and each of the Braves 9 hitters came to the plate and only 20 pitches were thrown in that span. Insane.

  4. Pittsburgh never been the same since 1992 NLCS…that pirate ☠️ ship is at the bottom of the Allegheny River…they'll never win anything again

  5. Mets fans (the ones talking mess) are on Suicide watch 😂 Go Bravos!

  6. So..what happens when ozzie gets back…can we squeeze in everyone….?

  7. I agree Josh in the comments! Pay him, Already

  8. Why did the Pirates leave that pitcher in so long?

  9. Braves are absolutely crushing it in their farm development, as usual. Best record in the bigs since June 1. Keep it going all the way to the repeat bravos 👏

  10. The Braves won by playing small ball. So weird seeing them do that. I love it. Also, Grissom playing old school baseball to break up a double play. Castro looked shocked that someone would do that, not knowing that used to be a thing.

  11. Braves wins again over the Pirates, Olson and Ozuna looks great as well after the ballgame

  12. I believe the Braves will catch the mets before the end of the month is up. Let's go – from a Yankee fan!

  13. One of the fastest bb games I've ever seen. Only 2 hours and 17 minutes, even though the braves batted around in the 5th. Fried was on fire! I think it's safe to say that Vaughn Grissom needs a contract. I don't think he can be pitched to. I like Ozzie, but we've gotta keep Grissom in the line up. Can he play outfield?

  14. No way Ozzie should start over Grissom. Dude is incredible

  15. Fix the stats of dansby swanson in the page he reached 2 bases in the game .

  16. M.Fried Vs S.Ohtani

    M.Fried : 1444(Game score) 24(Game started) 60.16(average)

    S.Ohtani : 1262(Game score) 21(Game started) 60.09(average)

    (cf) S.Alcantara : 1595(Game score) 25(Game started) 63.8(average)

  17. I'm a Mets fan and the Braves are just plain better.( and fun to watch ) If the Mets ( likely) get eliminated, I'll be rootin' the Braves on.

  18. mets fans we know yall in here watching & we won lmao

  19. It seems like the Pittsburgh Pirates aren't much of a threat to the Atlanta Braves after all, after the Braves pummeled them once again in a 6-1 victory at PNC Park.
    If this three-game series were that easy for Atlanta, this would've already been a cakewalk. But still, the Braves must prepare themselves for a counterattack from the Pirates, because this is their last chance to fight back for today's final game.
    Since the Mets got swept, this is a perfect opportunity for Atlanta to get a sweep on the road, and be just a game behind them if they pull this off. Can the Braves get a clean sweep in perfection, or will the Pirates threaten to retaliate in full force?
    Find out by tuning in this afternoon to see if the Braves' tomahawks are sharper in swordfighting than they thought, from PNC Park in Pittsburgh!

    TODAY 12:35ET/11:35CT
    Televised on: Bally Sports South
    Bally Sports Southeast
    MLB Extra Innings
    AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh

  20. Atlanta vs pirata🏏⚾️🇺🇲🏴‍☠️

  21. Vamos Bravos sabemos qué pueden.

  22. Im i correct or when Michael Chaviz was up they said Atlanta's Michael chavis,or am i wrong

  23. Alright, we got Glavine. Now we need a Maddox and Smoltz to step up

  24. Grissom took a play out from the old school books. I like it. Some times you gotta break up a double play.

  25. 5:49 Castro taken out with a rookie's sweet slide.
    As for Grissom's entrance into the 'Bigs' calling it 1/3 of a season of 162 =54 games, and calling it 1/4 of a season of 162 =40.5 games. He will have played 51 games by the end of season. A batting avg like he's got is gonna be a golden tale for the record books.

  26. The bottom of the Braves batting order was a weak point earlier in the season, and recently with Grissom and Grossman complimenting Harris a lot of momentum with this squad!

  27. What do y’all think,
    Is this braves squad better than last year?

  28. Even though they lost Freeman, Soler, and Joc, it seems that this year’s Braves are better which is nuts

  29. I'm proud of Grissom for taking out the second basemen to prevent a double play. Good Work!

  30. And with that Grissom slide at second, MLB will have a special meeting to prevent players feelings from being hurt in the future………

  31. And with that Grissom slide at second, MLB will have a special meeting to prevent players feelings from being hurt in the future………

  32. The current Pirates are a 400 team (500 at best) playing 200 ball at the present time. Became a Pirates fan in '89 or '90 when my favorite team at that time (the Braves) traded Dale Murphy. Of course this was the Bonds era and as good as they were in the early 90s they couldn't break on through to the World Series. After Bonds left its been pretty dismal since with the exception of the McCutchen years. I don't expect them to win the World Series (though it would be nice) but I do expect them to be competitive and at least make the playoffs every now and then….with the Penguins and Steelers in town Pittsbufgh fans deserve better than what they are getting. LETS GO BUCS!

  33. Closing that gap with the first place Mets, now only 2 games behind first. Got the Rockies, then Marlins then A's the next 3 series. The Braves should win 7 of these 9 easily to JUMP INTO first. The Mets are playing 3 in LA Dodger after the Rockies series.

  34. I've waited a long time to say this but ai smell another Championship brewing in Atlanta. Grissom and Harris ll are both hungry for a ring and a spot 🤟🏾💙🔥🔥🔥💯 kudos to our scouts for all the hard work I don't think Vaughn wants to go bacc to Rome the boy is batting over .400 sheesh

  35. Really like Paul Byrd but he needs to bring that exciting dugout reporting he does to the booth. Sounds very sedated in booth.

  36. Braves are gonna be a dangerous team in the playoffs.

  37. Keep your good players, pirates! Let's get a winning franchise started, let's go. -Dodgers here

  38. The Braves got me speechless! They are in a Zone!! I'm loving the adjustments and going opposite way when needed 🔥

  39. The Braves are a very good team which only makes matters worse

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