Braves vs. Pirates Game Highlights (8/23/22) | MLB Highlights

Braves vs. Pirates full game highlights from 8/23/22, pres. by @mattressfirm

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  1. since Pittsburgh fields a low A minor league team.

  2. What a day for us braves fans. Braves get a monster win with max fried absolutely going off. He went a full 8th innings and was incredible. He changed into a demon after he gave up that home run. On the offensive side, the 5th inning was where we broke the game open scoring 5 runs. This was a great win for atlanta though.

    1. Max fried was literally incredible
    2. Grissom and harris had big nights, they are amazing additions to the team
    3. Mets lost and braves won 😎😎 only 2 games back now we are coming

    Good game pirates, looking forward to a braves sweep tomorrow with kyle wright pitching. However, i’ll be at school during the game so chances are i will not be able to watch it. I hope the braves can take care of business and secure the series sweep. We are very close to the mets we just need to gain 2.5 games against them to lead the division. Good win braves, go for the sweep tomorrow. Let’s go braves 🔥🪓

  3. Like I've been saying and in John Cena's voice "THE CHAMP IS STILL HEREEEEEEE!!!!!". ATL will be ready to defend their crown in the playoffs. Congrats on the win 👍.

  4. The Pirates are such a disgrace. If MLB doesn't do something about this nonsense it's going to be another 20 years of this.

  5. I was hoping to see that strike 3 call to Harris

  6. Liked Vaughn Grissom a lot. And that was BEFORE that slide. Kid's a ballplayer.

  7. Fried has 19 quality starts out of 24 total. Max has been the undisputed ace of the Braves past 3 seasons and should be paid accordingly.

  8. It would be nice if Rosario & Ozuna
    Could start play well

  9. We win tomorrow, we are a 1.5 back. Mets are off

  10. Vaughn Grissom is gonna make albies play a little harder & im here for it

  11. Fried, stellar again… Braves bats woke up explosively in the 5th, and again what else can you say about Harris II and Grissom.. my goodness, absolute raking..

  12. Grissom is really making a case to stay the starter. Stay healthy young man. Grissom+Harris II = World Series

  13. Braves def. Pirates 6-1!!!!! ⚾

    At the Top of the 5th Inning, Travis d'Arnaud #16 (Catcher) belted a Solo Home Run Shot and Vaughn Grissom #18 (SS) crushes an RBI Single and Robbie Grossman #15 (OF) smashes an RBI Single and Dansby Swanson #7 (SS) crushes an RBI Forceout and Austin Riley #27 (3B) doing a Sacrifice Fly as Grossman scores and at the Top of the 7th Inning, Austin Riley #27 (3B) smacks an RBI Single as the Braves win in a 6-1 winning game victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates!!!!!! ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾

  14. These small market teams have a hard time finding and developing good pitchers, huh? 😕😕

  15. I feel bad for the Pirates. As a player it must feel a bit off putting to go onto the field and see an almost empty stadium. Pirates fans are becoming extinct

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