Brewers vs. Pirates Game Highlights (6/30/23) | MLB Highlights

Brewers vs. Pirates full game highlights from 6/30/23

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  1. 배지환선수 멋져요.~🎉 화이팅~🎉

  2. Gonna tell my kids that's Carlos Santana. 😉🤣

  3. I signed up for Apple TV to watch the game. Good decision (three free months)

  4. Best game of the year. Now let's build on it. The Division is winnable this year.

    But one small thing…..Those unis! Yeecch. They've go to go!

  5. 6:48 — Ominous!

  6. Gotta get me one of those city connect jerseys.

  7. Davis needs to be behind the plate. Simple as that.

  8. I'm very excited about where thing are headed once the Pirates get Reynolds, Cruz and Hayes back into the lineup. Young guys are starting to find their way.

  9. Why Matt bush always selling games😭😭😭like why we bringing in a guy with a 7.5 era to try to close a game and NOT SWITCH HIM OUT WHEN HE GAVE UP THE FIRST RUN!

  10. brewers lead all the game and they lost.shame on them

  11. Thank you for beating the brewers, as a Reds fan I really appreciate it.

  12. They won bye 1 to Padres then now the brewers

  13. that might just be the greatest home run trot I've ever seen in my life

  14. I wish they'd fight back more.

    Really hate when they do down 5 or so, and they just GIVE UP.

  15. That was easily the best win the bucco's have had all year, I'd say that walk off HR from Bae against the Astro's is second

  16. Did he touch third base cuz he slipped and triped i don't think he actually touched or stepped on third base

  17. Some of these teams new uni's are horrific, I'm talking about you Pittsburgh

  18. Two minutes into the video a commercial? Pleaseeee…

  19. Serotonin levels tweekin like I relapsed on that purple drankity drank drank

  20. I like both these teams, but am still a Brewers fan. I loved seeing Cutch do well again, but bruh, Bush has choked so many damn games for us, please stop putting him in for christ sake

  21. The Great Greg Brown On The Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Radio Network

  22. Why did they show the first two innings when nothing happened????

  23. Good to see some fight in the boys. Get back to those hot bats guys! You can do it. Youve showed it…..just maintain it!!


  25. McCutchen almost hit another HR during a pittsburgh anthrocon

  26. As awful a finish as that game was for Milwaukee, Pittsburgh did them a huge favor: the Brewers can no longer pretend that Matt Bush is adequate. Dude got DFA'd for that 9th inning today.

    Life comes at you fast…

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