Brewers vs. Pirates Game Highlights (8/2/22) | MLB Highlights

Brewers vs. Pirates full game highlights from 8/2/22

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  1. Tie Game Series 1 a Piece Milwaukee Brewers VS Pittsburgh Pirates

  2. i love the white sox 4 life and love pit 2009

  3. Hope the kid with the Afro gets a Jomboy breakdown

  4. in the next few years. the brewers will be trading away corbin burns. for a couple of sore arm pitchers. and unproven prospects. how can you trade josh hader? and not get at least one good hitter for him.

  5. Thank you Pirates for beating the Brewers and giving us Stratton and Quintana!

  6. Tellez has lost weight running around all those bases

  7. A trip trip triple? He thought that was a good idea eh?

  8. Took forever to get to the 6th inning in this video, then when all the scoring happens in 30 seconds it’s over.

  9. Urias playing incredible third base out there!

  10. 5:22 i could tell by the look in that mans eyes he was about to hit a homer. fierce.

  11. Pirates would be so good if our record was switched 😭😂

  12. Imagine trading your closer for more pitching when you really need hitting. I honestly don't understand what the brewers did at the deadline, there's a hole in CF and the catchers aren't hitting much either, but yeah, more pitching, that'll solve it.

  13. No doubt we won the Hader trade long term, but that's opposite of what we should be doing. We should sacrifice a bit of our future for an upgrade. Not go for downgrade.

  14. Milwolwin vwc pirata⚾️🏏🇺🇲🏴‍☠️

  15. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 41-62⚫️🟡⚪️💀☠️🏴‍☠️🦜

  16. Pretty weird to see the brewers hit 3 home runs followed by the pirates scoring 5 right after that making it a 5-3 final score!

  17. Raise the Jolly Roger!
    ~~ Let’s Go Bucs! ~~

  18. I'm a Yankees & Pirates fan, but love the game of baseball all my life, 50+ yrs.
    A Yankees fan 4 life, Pirates since 1988, I lived in Pittsburgh about 10 yrs, so it's almost a requirement you be a Pittsburgh sports fan.
    Don't live their anymore, but great times for sure, Steelers Superbowls (Big Ben), Mario Lemieux ( best ever) about 5 Stanley cups since then.
    What a fun ride I got to witness.
    But the Pirates & ownership have been disappointing since the early 90s, Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Van Slyke, Jay Bell..etc ( the killer Bee's)..
    Now the last 20+ years have been a "farm team" for the league. Great players they can't afford to ever keep, Geritt Cole, Josh Bell, Adam Fraizer, top notch #1 players and starting pitchers, now I see 2 teams worth of players on other teams, and now it's; "I remember him, he used to be a top prospect & great new player for the Pirates.
    If they keep not spending money (small market) team, I don't see them staying in Pittsburgh.
    And they can fill the seats, they just have to spend more money and winning more, the fans will come back.

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