Bryan Reynolds’ First 5-Hit Game Leads Win | Pirates vs. Brewers Highlights (5/13/24)

The Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 8-6 at American Family Field on May 13, 2024. Bryan Reynolds had his first career 5-hit game to lead the Pirates to victory.

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  1. Luckily the pirates wonGreat job Mitch Keller

  2. Yet another win bailing out this clown manager. Only this dolt could make a five hit night for Reynolds feel like an L.

  3. It’s never easy in Milwaukee for the Bucs

  4. Why can't I buy a black McCutchen jersey? I don't want the white one. The all black shirts look way better.

  5. The starting rotation is about to look allot more competitive. Thank you Paul. Mitch is looking so much better.

  6. I know the Brewers are in first place, but c'mon! Pirates are still not playing fundamentally sound baseball. A lot of these losses stem from that. Thats was almost 3 games in a row that the bullpen ruined for the starting pitcher. Pitching coach should get fired, but we all know the Bucs will find some middle school coach to take over if they do. We're finally getting a starting pitching rotation going, let's not ruin it and get some wins together!

  7. All the pirates have to do is work on their Fielding especially infield and get a better bullpen and they will win the division

  8. commentator had the same postive jinx when jack hit the grand slam in philly

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