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  1. Guys what happened to Vincent Pule vele? Eish he used to remind me of that guy called Angel Di'Maria from Real Madrid who used to abuse Puyong.

  2. Bring back Mashonisa 45 💯💯💯

  3. Did Anele really thought Chippa was going to win against Pirates? These unreasonable expectations leads to emotional disappointment and frustration thus the energy from the coaching staff gets transferred to the players and they start misbehaving.

    As for Chabalala and Eva they saw Saleng saying “izandla phezulu madoda nginikhuthuze” and they forgot to defend and raised their hands. Timm needs to be reprimanded, he can’t keep getting stupid cards. He is really ill disciplined

  4. Bru seconded pule is very good we mic him

  5. Something good is happening eOrlando ❤

  6. Happy to see Shavula shining, 1520 stand up🫡

  7. People of Mandela bay came out in big numbers. The stadium is packed🙌🏾

  8. Orlando pirates is destroying everything that is in it's way

  9. Up the Bucs we inter now in the final of Nedbank cup, Sundowns in the trouble Pirates will take this cup no matter what I'm telling you 🤞

  10. Abafana badlale ibhola elimnandi bebonana lisuka kumuntu liye kumuntu ihambe isinda iChippa cishe sayishaya ngo 5 – 0

  11. Uyayizwa leyo free kick 🤣 🤣 🤣

  12. Dlamini the under rated maestro. 💯

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