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  1. Alaska, for your fellow aussie you should build a kmart❤❤

  2. Pls build freddy fazbears pizza place❤❤❤❤❤❤Im subbed

  3. This is Jenny
    Every like this comment gets Jenny ages buy one year, Jenny is 0 how old is she now?

  4. I can imagine Alaska running with her boomerang in hand while being chased by Cato or clove threatening to go Australian style,😂🤣(both form the original HG)

  5. Mot Alaska trying to make this video kid friendly😅❤😳😊😊

  6. Please please please please i’m your biggest fan

  7. Alaska you are probably the best bloxburg YouTuber there is…and the funniest

  8. ⚠️SPOILER⚠️ in the mocking jay FINICK AHHWWWW 😭😭😭😢😢😢

  9. You should make an arcade in bloxburg

  10. alaska i subed to both of ur channels but i cant join so pls pick me!!! i soo eager your are the best u-tuber every and i love the hunger games too its sooo cool i have an idea for your nat build a you but a housepls can you build that and i will ask my pearents if i can join you if yes to both …. so PLS!!!!!!!!!

  11. ALASKA!!! can you please please please build hogwarts i know its much to Ask for but i am a really big hp fan (btw love your builds)

  12. Can you do something that has to do mean girls

  13. in the hunger game movie there was not enough room for all 26 ppl so there was only 24 stands

  14. I've been watching u for a long time and couldn't buy Bloxburg soon I'll be able to buy it with 30 robux pending from pls donate love ur vids ♡♡♡

  15. I love that movie, and I love your videos

  16. you explained hunger games a lot better in a min or so than i could in 10 mins

  17. Can you please please please build Las Vegas. I’m a big fan and you never build the What I say so very very pleased. Do it please I’ve been asking to build days where I say for the past years please please please I hope you don’t say no❤❤

  18. Could you please build a Bath&BodyWorks? Also I love you and your videos so much!😊❤

  19. OMG YAYAYAYSYYAY I LOVE the hunger games

  20. bro i would love to participate in that (and die one second later)

  21. Alaska you making a hunger games arena while im over here only affording a bed btw LUVVV THISSSSS

  22. Hey Alaska! So I don't know how to get into a build battle but can you please try to let me do one? IT would honestly be the best part of my year and would make me so happy! Please and thank you:)

  23. Alaska you should build a hunger games inspired house it would be so cool

  24. My strategy would probably be to just ditch the cornucopia and run the opposite direction or just explode

  25. If I was in the hunger games I would just do contortion and scare people

  26. You have to do a hunger games movie with lots of different bloxburg YouTubers I love all you do 😘

  27. I heard if you say you’re fav YouTubers name three times you get pinned..

    Alaska Violet

    Alaska Violet

    Alaska Violet

    Alaska if you don’t pin me I will eat you’re toes while your asleep 👹👹👹👺👺👺

  28. this isn't "build a hunger games area" video it's a "make alaska go broke" video

  29. Hi Alaska! I don’t know if ur a swift or or not but for a vid idea you could do a ts build battle like with each bedroom inspired by an era?💚💛💜❤️🩵🖤🩷🩶🤎💙

  30. Alaska May you please build a camp??? Or like a modern mansion

  31. My strategy would be try and team up with the players you know are nice if it’s the victors hunger games aka catching fire
    For the first one.., umm I’m dead nah lol I would be like rue I would hide in trees if I spotted Kat it’s I would kil her since most were rooting for her.

  32. my building recommendations are
    ice skating rink

  33. When I saw saw this my eyes literally brightened up
    I love Alaska and Hunger gamessss❤❤❤❤❤

  34. Day 2 of asking: Alaska please build Karen’s diner!

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