EDIT: Twitch clip is dead, video source is from TheChief1114 and Zuthar13


  1. Its the very fact he yelled "captain" and not this dude's name. They were in the moment

  2. I'm from 2023 era. And this clip is and will always be a legendary clip

  3. jfc i have seen this so much but only just found out who it is…

  4. Every time when I going for hollidays on coast…

  5. Didnt this guy become a vtuber can anyone tell me who he is?

  6. Meanwhile in an identical universe: "CAPTAIN!"

  7. POV You and your friend are walking down a hallway and your friend spots a gang of bullies heading towards your way:

  8. Good old sea of thieves

  9. You ask them to chill after Connor first open fire and shot them twice?

  10. Everybody here because of the Mr. X gon give it to ya?

  11. The jester, huh? It truly is a small world.

  12. The developers could've just used this clip for advertisment.

  13. i swear the best players to play with are those who embrace the character they are playing. they just make the game so much fun

  14. Oliympic and nantucket lightship be like:

  15. Absolute pinnacle of the meme of Sea of Thieves

  16. That's the most realistic "CAPTAIN" scream I've ever heard.

    Connor, a true pirate legend.

  17. Literally searched for "Sea of thieves best clip" to find this again. First result

  18. No (actually one) pirates were hurt in the process.

  19. I'm sad that I'll never get to know how that ended

  20. i never noticed the dude saying "stfu" at the end until recently and it has me cracking up

  21. POV:when you kill a player

    10 minutes later

    The Player:Hey guys I brought friends 😁

  22. Tha one sailor on the black pearl that slept for the entire movie and woke up in mid final battle

  23. Connor is the greatest pirate I've ever seen. warned the captain. We all felt the fear in his voice. He took the initiative, went to the cannonball, and struck the first enemy with a great shot. He didn't shout like the captain, he didn't panic. In one word 'legend'. Connor I'm proud of you.

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