Cardinals vs. Pirates Game Highlights (10/3/22) | MLB Highlights

Cardinals vs. Pirates full game highlights from 10/3/22, pres. by Roman Health

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  1. They keep loosing after they take Albert out. Let him carry!

  2. hold on
    is that the same Jerry Meals from the 19 inning "safe" call?

  3. 1st batter, hit by pitch! Should have just been a ball without him getting a base . Yep, the rules say that you have to make an effort to get out of the way. Plus, if a batter leans into a pitch trying to get hit it's supposed to be a strike. saw a strikeout due to leaning in earlier this season (can't remember who). 1st time I remember seeing that called, outside of little league in decades. Why don't MLB umps call it that way anymore?

  4. 3:26 Castro never had control of the ball. Terrible call! Umps, y'all are blowing it so far.

  5. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 61-99⚫️🟡⚪️💀☠️🏴‍☠️🦜

  6. Congratulations Big Al! He's had an amazing career!

  7. Good thing you just signed that extension Gio you clown

  8. Jesus our bullpen really let us down, that was the most painfully slow 9th inning I've witnessed… 3 straight walks by Gallegos and then the last one by Romero… man that hurt to watch as a Cardinals fan

  9. Pretty cool that #703 was caught by a Cards fan at an away game in Pittsburgh

  10. Out on the transfer? He never CAUGHT the ball first lol. Dude should've been safe and given 2nd base. That's a really bad call

  11. And Babe did it when curve balls were illegal and they threw 50mph and probably part of his career they were still tossing it underhand to "start the play". Babe Ruth wouldn't hit 5hrs a season in today's game. Probably wouldn't even make a team

  12. They need to expand the playoffs so my pirates get in. Its a shame missing the playoffs when we are only 30 games out of first 😂

  13. 6:23 i hate to be that guy but that sign by that fan is bothering me lol. Her sign says "u cant spell win without Suwinski" but yes you can Haha. The sign should say "u cant spell Suwinski without WIN"

  14. Amazing, 703 career home run for Albert Pujols! What a tremendous talent! 👍⚾

  15. Raise the Jolly Roger!
    ~~ Let’s Go Bucs! ~~

  16. Cardenales vs pirata🏏🇺🇲⚾️🏴‍☠️


    Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  18. On the comebacker to the pitcher in the 4th, the catcher touched Nootbaar with his mitt! The ball was in his hand! Run home, Noot!

  19. I'm a Cubs fan but I really like Mitch Keller of the Pirates. He has some good movement on his pitches.

  20. One of these season cardinals will win 100 something games but it’s time to rebuild after this season though

  21. Walking four straight batters in the ninth inning, sad 😢.

  22. Fan kept number 703 . CASH IN BUDDY !!!

  23. Welcome San Luis is part of Chicago IL on field

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