Cardinals vs. Pirates Game Highlights (10/4/22) | MLB Highlights

Cardinals vs. Pirates full game highlights from 10/4/22, presented by Roman Health

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  1. What a game can’t wait to see what the cards can do in the playoffs

  2. The St.Louis Cardinals are 93-68🔴⚪️🟡

  3. They are playing with our nerves, please prove a team we can rely on in the upcoming competitions and qualifiers play off .

  4. Some young talents tho! Cruz and Bae! Small sample size but clearly making some difference since called up!

  5. 100 wins (including the playoffs) + a pennant!

    That play at the plate in the bottom of the 10th was something else! I know this single game doesn't mean much, but winning sure does still feel good.
    Plus, it reeeeally would've stung to get walked off by Pittsburgh two days in a row. 🙂

    All that said, I think it's safe to say that Hudson probably isn't on the playoff roster. 🙃

  6. This was a great come from behind win, against the pirates or not

  7. What a comeback for the Cardinals! Lets keep the momentum going into the playoffs on Friday. Lets go Redbirds!

  8. WHAT A COMEBACK! Love the offense going at it again, terrible way to end the regular season if you're Hudson though, hopefully he won't make any appearances in the playoffs cuz he's been poor recently. I'm happy with what this team does as long as we don't get knocked out in the first round, it's been a great year so hopefully we can make it far for Yadi and Albert!

  9. Yet ANOTHER error for the MLB golden child Oneil Cruz. Dude aint that good guys. He really aint

  10. Ryan Helsley jamming his finger… we need him

  11. As a cards fan i rlly like gamel and im glad he got a memory with pujols that he’ll never forget.

  12. I wonder what Cards fans think when they see what Wacha, Alcantara & Gallen are doing on winning teams. 3 pitchers who are easily among top 10 pitchers in MLB, even though they are pitching for bottom dwellers.
    In return you got the likes of Osuna. A mediocre hitter and error prone outfielder with 0 range. With just one of those guys, you would survive round 1, with 2 of 3 you would be WS favorites.

  13. Good work Cardinals I hope we going to world series this year Albert yadi and Adam for final year 😭😭😭

  14. Cardenales vs pirata⚾️🇺🇲🏴‍☠️

  15. Congrats cards. You made the playoffs. Now let’s see how you do when you don’t have the second easiest schedule in the second half of the season.

  16. Обидное сотое поражение…!))

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