Cardinals vs. Pirates Game Highlights (10/5/22) | MLB Highlights

Cardinals vs. Pirates full game highlights from 10/5/22, pres. by Roman Health

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  1. At least the Pirates ended with a victory. A hollow victory, but if there's a silver lining some players on the Pirates are showing promise. The problem of course is Bob Nutting. It would be nice if he sold the team to owners that care more about the team than the bottom line.

  2. This sluggish offense is of concern heading into the playoffs, especially Goldy’s disappearance.

  3. DeJong is probably the worst player in the entire franchise history of the Cardinals.

  4. Would've been nice to end the regular season with a W, but 'twas not to be.
    Oh well, just gonna have to be content with a very nice 93-69.

  5. Pirates own the cardinals!!!!! Cry harder baby girls!!!!!! Cry more!!!!!

  6. Cardinals are looking like an easy exit in the playoffs, wouldn't be surprised if the phillies beat them

  7. Maybe 70 wins next year …….Golf time

  8. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 62-100⚫️🟡⚪️☠️💀🏴‍☠️ The 93-69 St.Louis Cardinals will the NL wild card against the 6th seed 87-75 Philadelphia Phillies as the 3rd seed on Friday

  9. Congrats to the Cardinals. Phillies should be easy, but after that it's going to be good pitching. Where are the people who predicted 100 Wins? and Triple Crown for Goldy. Hard to win a Triple Crown without winning even a single crown. LMOA

  10. This is not the offense the Cards need heading into the postseason 🫤

  11. Raise the Jolly Roger!
    ~~ Let’s Go Bucs! ~~

  12. Hey, at least the pirates improved on last season. They lost 100 games instead of 101. They also placed 4th in the division instead of 5th. WOW!!!! Sell the team.

  13. Pirates still lose 100 games this year….lol

  14. It was ok season I pray pray pray 🙏🙏🙏 that Cardinals take out Phillies tomorrow night best of 3 series

  15. I think Cruz should be in the NFL or 2024 summer Olympics with the run like that.

  16. Cardenales vs pirata🇺🇲⚾️🏏🏴‍☠️

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