China Gacha Proposed Changes

Hoping they fully implement this.

Watch the stream here:

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  1. See honestly I don't think this is a bad thing about the only good thing to come out of China in a long time I mean seriously we need to get away from fucking microtransactions game makers spend more money trying to figure out how to gouge us out of money in every tiny way they possibly can instead of making a good game that we want to pay for like I can understand paying for DLC you know if it adds something major to the game take Skyrim's DLC I paid for those I also bought the special edition and the anniversary edition but in my opinion both of these added Great Value to the game to me and yes I know the anniversary edition was just basically stolen content from mods but it saved me the trouble of having to do it myself so to me that was worth it especially considering I only paid 20 bucks for the anniversary edition on my PC that's with SE

  2. Next can they make it illegal to charge 10 pounds for 1000 fake cash shop coins, to buy something that costs 700, when there are no 300 cost items to buy with the remainder? Scummy crappy fake currency with dogshit economies.

  3. This is a huge win for gaming. It means you have to make quality games rather than money grabs. Looking at you EA sports….

  4. Maybe apps will stop being so pay to way universally

  5. Good on them, doesn't mean they are a good example in lots of other areas but this one isn't bad.

  6. I still feel like the masses need to pull their stupid asses off their heads and stop supporting those companies.

  7. It feels so weird seeing something so pro consumer and anti business coming out of china for gaming and i want to support these very good protections for minors but at the same time i have this gnawing feeling that this will spiral into overbearing laws that allow china to control even more of their citizens lives somehow. Very rarely do people in power do things just for the benefit of their citizens, so I would recommend everyone learning about this to be cautious of the unforseen product of these laws. But who knows maybe im completely wrong and chinas political leaders are all gamers who are also tired of the scummy things in games today

  8. This shit is hopefully gonna change the mobile market cuz it started from china

  9. Oh yes pls. Mobile gaming sucks cause of all this shi.. and now look at baldurs gate 3. There is nothing in it. A whole game on its own and works incredibly well. 😂

  10. Agreed! These video games nowadays are extremely predatory. Not to mention games are launched either half baked or plagued with bugs are aren’t fully functional for weeks or even months. 2K is one of the biggest offenders, each year they put out is even worse than before. What a joke

  11. Unfortunately China only has the ability to do this because of how much power their government has over their markets. In the rest of the world, the market will dominate every time. Which isn’t an inherently bad thing at all, just means we need to come up with different ways to fix the problem. Imo teaching good morals and patriotism to our kids will ensure that the few geniuses bound to be born will want to work to fix shit for our country and the rest of the world. But that’s probably too long term for our 4 year span goldfish memories to think about, so it’s up to us right now to at least lay the groundwork. Sorry for rambling, I’m high af and worked on this for like 15 min and don’t want it to be wasted lmao

  12. There is one thing that has me worried.
    We need to be VERY careful with our definition of lootboxes. Because if we're not careful, we could end up also clasifying things like random loot in chests as lootboxes. Or boss loot.

  13. china doing something right 2024 might be different

  14. I also agree with this. I hated this even when I was getting into phone games as a teen haha.

  15. Predatory addiction preying games that want all of your time and money are a staple of so many facets of the industry. This really is a rare W

  16. I’m actually against this in many ways. Not that gamblings bad but luck is luck for one. Karma is karma whether your chinaman or not

  17. The issue with this is it'll fuck the economy for a good few years and that's because the circulation of money currently is very sensitive and disturbing it is very easy not as easy as a gacaha game getting shut down but like an entire type of game will

  18. Models for gacha games are beyond toxic. They are made to be addictive with fun elements to draw you in. While some gachas are better than others, it is extremely rare to have a gacha thats actually a good video game.

  19. It's just the fifth line that's confusing, all games have to provide a non violent option. Which is funny to imagine but confounding in practice

  20. Next we just need to get rid of ads popping up every two seconds in games

  21. Let's only hope …maybe this will bring the Let's make good games again mentallity back

  22. They already walked it back I'm pretty sure😅

  23. As someone who plays and loves many Gacha games for their characters, artwork and stories, I will say I agree with all of this. The only part of those games I didn't like was the gacha aspect, so I'm really hoping it comes to the rest of the world too and not just the CN servers for these games.

  24. The bad thing about a dictatorship is that you cannot stop a bad law being passed.
    The potentially good thing is that you cannot stop a good law either.
    I'd rather have democracy tho

  25. as someone who's really weak to those tactics i'm so happy others will be protected from stuff that harmed me. it's just so insidious, hundreds of dollars gone in 2-3$ purchases, you don't see it happen and the compulsion is too strong. i stopped gaming online for this reason. i will never pay for that shit ever again. and in my case it wasn't even that bad, never even close to whale levels and able to still pay for rent and food…

  26. 😂😂roblox is screwed😂😂

  27. As someone who is playing Girls' Frontline, Arknights and Blue Archive, I think that login bonuses isn't bad at all, since they are all extremely F2P friendly.

  28. Rip both cod and overwatch if it is implemented everywhere, same with destiny 2.

  29. The market's not gonna follow because China is not a part of the market. Chinese intetnet is separate from the rest of the World.

  30. Bring back gaming achievements not payment achievements

  31. China has decayed down to a ghost-state.

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