church speed run last pirate first attempt raw game play 2:08

I did a speed run on last pirate of the church this was my ever attempt of the speed run if this does well ill try to find a new method and beat it.


  1. عالی سابسکرایت کردم توهم بی زحمت دنبالم کن مرسی

  2. Fiz essa parte mas ai não abre essa porta pra mim e agora ? O q faço ?

  3. unfortunately this tutorial was of no use in the church part, this game is an old version and is not updated, I did the same thing he hit the wall with a pickaxe and showed a gate of grid opens but when I went to look for the alley to the right there is nothing there, this tutorial is for a clueless amateur 🫤👀🧐

  4. Pour moi donne pas comme ça on doit monter en haut mais comment

  5. There's no hallway for me when i hit the first lever to open the door

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