Classic Game Room HD reviews PIRATES HUNT FOR BLACKBEARD’S BOOTY for the Nintendo Wii. This children’s game is rated E and allows younger gamers to play as one of many different pirates, skeletons and crazy characters in 5 different mini-games with a pirate theme. And these are good pirates, Yo Ho Ho pirates, not container ship hijacking pirates. This PIRATES HUNT FOR BLACKBEARD’S BOOTY review has gameplay footage from the game with 4 player action in games like Squidball (which is like Wii Croquet), Row Row Row for Your Life and more. The Wiimotes are used to control the motions and games like sword fighting should be very entertaining for groups of kids. You can unlock different locations and outfits for the pirates, win gold, buy new cannons and swords and more. Published by Activision. Classic Game Room HD reviews kids games as a kids Wii video game reviewer reviewing kids games appropriate for kids to play. Watch this review of PIRATES! Hunt for Black Beard’s Booty for the Nintendo Wii to see if it is a family video game your family will enjoy.


  1. I love the fact you post videos up daily unlike most youtube partners

  2. You upload great videos so often. This game looks… like another party game.

  3. This game looks briefly distracting at best, falling far short of Age of Booty's addictive strategy plundering. I would have to recommend the later title.

  4. ninjas pwn all correction CYBORG ninjas pwn all mgs ftw

  5. Time to hunt for some Pirate BOOOTYY! Game looks fun, I think the cartoon graphics actually enhance this game a bit. This looks like a good game for kids. BTW – Mark, you review all these games, do you pick 'em up from the Wii bargain bin? Cause I can't see people picking this game in huge numbers without knowing WTF it is. They should make a HD, over-the-top-view remake of "Yars Revenge". It would be great… yeah…

  6. Everytime I hear pirates I automatically think of that Lazytown Pirate song… >_>

  7. I want someone to edit a video together that shows ever time Mark mentions Yars Revenge.

    Rated E for EGADS!!

  9. i wouldnt touch this but im not a little kid

  10. Rated E for Epic Fail. It looks ok but only 5 minigames and can't buy things to set other ships on fire..then again it seems ok

  11. Haha I was just joking around with Corey last night about Yarrrrrr's Revenge. Pirates? More like butt pirates! I think I will stick with River Raid. Awesome video man.

  12. How much do new wii games cost?
    sorry I'm an ignorant ebay 360'er.
    But these games are for kids, how
    on earth do parents afford the prices?

  13. ARR why must ye got to get this crap game

  14. Man a game with hijacking tankers would be fun! You really should expand on the idea

  15. the other type of pirates are from some news

  16. good for kids.. But that's it..

    Damn Octopus!

  17. Hmm, I thought the FLAMETHROWER streak was at 3, but it might be as high as 6. I even went back and watched a video from September 2008 and BAM more calls for flamethrowers.

  18. i'm not a child unfortunately, but i use to be one long ago and i still eat my boogers.

  19. u need to make Half Life review and Re5 reviews PLEASE!!


  21. It would be cool if you reviewed a mmo like eve online or wow

  22. it would be funny if the pirates found game catriges in the treasure box

  23. I love how you wrote BOOTY in bold, intense font.

  24. So nostalgic!! I played the game when I was 6 year old and I remember it

  25. I remember playing this game all the time as kid mega fun wish I could still play it

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