COIN FARM HACK ” The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt ” Video – Game

Want to know how to get lots of money in The Pirate : Carribean Hunt ? This video shows you how to set the market for any goods to buy in the shop, and sell it at a high price. Get unlimited coins to upgrade all your ships.

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  1. I wanna thank you and shake you! Thank you for speeding up my money making but at the same time now I have to rethink my plans lol. Been playing less than 2 weeks was frustrated then figured how how to make money trading. Before finding your vid I managed to get a galleon upgraded speed and cargo plus stern cannon. Carried 30 chain balls to slow down any ship that could catch me but many times went straight to intended port. I was sitting on 16k , ships upgraded nicely and my main harbor upgraded nicely. Just captured a flute when I stopped to eat and came across your vid. Moved ships to a port and on 1st try made 7700 profit. My setup now: 1 flute holds 6299 lbs, 1 carrack 3000 lbs, 2 galleons 4899 and 2 galleons 4759. I did rum and sugar and it's best to use rum,oil or gunpowder as they weigh 30 lbs each and sugar is 50lbs, you make up the difference in numbers. Tycoon status and the 2 bonuses +1 and +1 on sales. Bought rum at 10 per and sold it at 18 per with a 10216 profit. I think you mentioned 1st time not enough so you switch cities and then back to reset but after 1st sale it's much higher. I started with 300 and now the port has 1362, which means no switching. A plus is now I won't mind doing the quest that has you take puerto rico since I can fix the rep quickly with trade and or those parole things…

  2. This is nice but even better would be to attack several cities 😀 it's much bigger fun and you get nice 5k+ships you steal

  3. Can u make a video how how to hack and get the emperor mistress and other premium ships pls

  4. I suggest a new tactic, the junk ships. Take them and max them and use two at a time. You can outrun every other patrol ship and you still are durable and can do other missions. Just switch from a cheap city to a high priced one and redo it a few times. While that is happening, your base is farming money

  5. Sell ship
    Emperros Mistres
    HMS duke Of kent
    Kelas 2 spanyol Glorioso.
    HMS sovereign All Ready Full Upgrade.. sell coin/Gold 081245936934

  6. Pls get some ships on premium ships like Duke of this is my ID captain:CHJWSZH

  7. This is not a hack dummy it's a trick to make easy gold

  8. But in one day i can get 14 MILLIONS GOLD , who need tips how i get 14 MILLIONS without cheat in one day

  9. Lol it won't work on the latest update…. Like the one you said first switching other towns to gain some stocks… You need to exit the game first and close all current apps and open it again…. But in your second trick maybe sounds interesting but in the game of Pirate the Caribbean Hunt… I am not a Pirate I work in 3 different nations namely British, French and Spanish….. So that I got the best prize and cheaper prize…. Smuggling missions are the best…. Make sure that the smugglers ship is flite so that you can earn money in higher prices… Like when I sell my tobbaco… I earned 14o00+ of in game gold

  10. You rule man nice trick on making money really fast. Thank you

  11. Bro pls help me give me a first rate bro or any kind of ship because i need strong ship bro please help me….. If you have neptune bro…..

    My id is: GQZJIAB

  12. Did work on latest version but now its version doesn't work

  13. Rookie numbers u need to be rich to do this i can make more money in a sloop

  14. i think some tricks are still avaiables on android..
    i see your map looks better even if less realistic..
    maybe pc or mac version of this game are better playable

  15. Looks like they not only fixed this bug (or, loop hole), but programmed the game to punish anyone trying to do this. When I do things normally, I get pirates ALL THE TIME; but when I've started trying to reset the resource prices using the technique here, it only worked one time, and then it's like the game was "on to me": it would just let me make it to the long or mid-range destinations without hitting pirates, and thereby take up a lot of my time before I have to pay my crew again. So it ends up hurting more than benefitting.

  16. Im doing this trick with 51 flutes lol i think it’s an overkill

  17. congrats your self this is the best my finacial problems are gone i have 20k and this still works in the new update 10 even tho its hard to get attack when you buy a parole from the sugar port your getting attack it still works its the best

  18. They need a maintenance crew so they don't become damaged

  19. To be honest I am not fully understanding how it works. whenever I do the 'reset' part, it gets me back to a different harbor and my ship isn't even there so it gets all messed up. any suggestion?

  20. After six year and this still works really nice

  21. I like how the entire time the music was so tragic. Like exploiting the world for your profit, but can you hear the moral burden? His tone feels so fitting, almost like making a deal with the devil, will you exploit the economy with minimal effort with glorious exploits?
    Edit: hot damm it works!! 800000 coins with half an our of grinding!!

  22. Partially still works as of 1/10/2023, the part where resources regenerate doesn't work anymore. But you can still set the price of an item.

  23. I did this accidently once and i thought it was cheap cuz the pirates blockade the port so they cant sell it its not that much of a hack imo

  24. Thanks man, my fleet of 40 ships r making around 60k per shipping xdd

  25. 😀I'm playing this on mobile, and of the time of this comment it still works haha

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