Commanding An Unstoppable Battleship VS Endless Naval Fleet

Commanding an Unstoppable Pirate Ship VS Endless Naval Fleet

Welcome back to Buccaneers. Today we command the only thing better than a massive fleet.. Yep, a giant, weaponized, plague black Pirate Ship! Time to settle some scores and claim our bounty!

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  1. baron i got a mod for you it in ravenfield CGN-43 Connecticut [Commission] EA-26 ONLY.

  2. You should play sea of thieves if you like pirate games

  3. I love how barón calls them pirates but they look Spanish to me 😂

  4. When he said my tea has gun I just cracked out

  5. "We need more buccaneers!" -Sun Tzu, the art of good baron games

  6. hay baron when i was whaching this vid i was wering tom brady and the bucks

  7. So dope!! reminds me of the time you were on the Angry joe show table top stream and you got caught being a cheater live!! lol..good times….

  8. Berwn von tactic your not been uploading videos

  9. Blacksmith : They have some fine weapons-
    Baron : Lady I have some fine weapons right here.

  10. No one :-
    Literally no one :-
    1:17 One of the most powerful sea powers in the world :- Reloads in thin air .

  11. If you like pirate games then try sea of thieves 😉

  12. this is giving me flashbacks of an game i played in childhood. its called sid'meiers pirates! and it is pretty much the same game but a bit harder and with a cool background story.


  14. pls we need more of this i play some of it and it gets really cool

  15. We want more plss, and please hire more crew and upgrade obviously

  16. What is the game ang can play this on my cp or just on pc

  17. i agree with that amazing comment from noah stickney

  18. I just read 5 comments, 4 of them want more (I do to) and the 5th is talking about rum.

  19. Omg, the Aquila, that’s from Assassins Creed Black Flag, it’s Edward Kenways ship from after the events of Black Flag story, like when he’s a father I think and after I think he either loses the Jackdraw or just uses a different ship for the storyline, but in game you use the Jackdraw, also the mechanics in Buccaneers is very similar to AC black flag too!

  20. prepare the buttocks! i mean prepare the guns

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