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  1. I did NOT expect a WTNV reference from Thor

  2. The playthrough just abruptly ended. Where can i find the rest?

  3. One of the Most Underrated game Out there. The game gets better and Better and always with a masterpiece lvl of destruction

  4. The shield rush is great fun even of the shield throw sucks.

  5. What do you mean “blind playthrough”?
    My brother in Christ, you made the game!

  6. Thank you for playing this game. It is one of my favorite games of all time.

  7. Watching this reminded me how great the gameplay and atmosphere are for this game, and how goofy and messy the narrative and dialogue are.

    Also shout-out to cool brutalist architecture when it's not used for soulless corporate spaces

  8. Alan Wake is great if you prefer big musical numbers over gameplay, otherwise Control is superior in every way IMO. Hopefully they keep the Control story going!

  9. Thanks for motivating me to finally make video games. I’ve tried a few times before but now I have actual software dev experience and finding a game engine I like(ish) and now I’m cruising. See you at the game jam.

  10. I am at 3:58:01 I want to say everything ive seen so far the janitor ate the mold that is why he is so lost but also protected.

  11. I still think to this day that Ahti the Janitor is an eldritch horror in disguise.

  12. Iam happy about to find you! I feel very comfort by looking to your playin, or coding and hearing your voice. And you are also one of the people who are responsible for a lot lot lot of fun in my life – a creator of a complete part of my life i shouuld say..:D Thank you for that experiences<3 Greating from germany – so thats practical that my sleeping routing is complete random , or mostly at day time.. probably a similar time of your sleep time, but just at night 😀

  13. The question at 9:08:52 wasn't really directly addressed. I would have to agree that the way items are tied to the battle pass in Fortnite is an acceptable example of FOMO. They may just be cosmetics, but the way I see my kids fiending over them and how much they care about having them and showing them off absolutely exploits their fear of missing out. If they don't have a Crew subscription or get the V-bucks for a battle pass then they can't get the skins and other items that are locked. This seems to fit in my estimation, and is a major reason why I don't like the "its free to play, but you can't have all this cool shit unless you pay endlessly" model for games.

  14. “You are a worm through time.
    The thunder song distorts you.
    Happiness comes.
    White pearls, but yellow and red in the eye.
    Through a mirror, inverted is made right.
    Leave your insides by the door.
    Push the fingers through the surface into the wet.
    You’ve always been the new you.
    You want this to be true.
    We stand around you while you dream.
    You can almost hear our words but you forget.
    This happens more and more now.
    You gave us the permission in your regulations.
    We wait in the stains.
    The word that describes this is redacted.
    Repeat the word.
    The name of the sound.
    It resonates in your house.
    After the song, time for applause.
    We build you till nothing remains.
    The egg cracks and the truth will emerge out of you.
    You are home.
    You remind us of home.
    You’ve taken your boss with your boss with you.
    All hair must be eaten.
    Under the conceptual reality behind this reality you must want these waves to drag you away.
    After the song, time for applause.
    This cliché is death out of time, breaking the first the second the third the fourth wall, the fifth wall, floor; no floor: you fall!
    How do you say “insane”?
    Hurts to be happy.
    An earworm is a tune you can’t stop humming in a dream: “baby baby baby yeah”.
    Just plastic.
    So, safe and nothing to worry about.
    Ha ha, funny.
    The last egg breaks now.
    The hole in your room is a hole in you.
    You came and we let you in through the hole in you.
    You have always been here, the only child.
    A copy of a copy of a copy.
    Orange peel.
    The picture is you holding the picture.
    When you hear this you will know you’re in new you.
    You want to listen.
    You want to dream.
    You want to smile.
    You want to hurt.
    You don’t want to be.”

  15. The best way I've seen to sum up sam lake as a wroter is he is very lovecraft. Interesting existential ideas mixed with hit or miss humour with an overall feeling of there always being more to the story but never truly knowing.

  16. At the start of the video… erhm… stream and laughing as this statement “I play Sword and Shield” confused the hell out of me for a few seconds.


    I’m sitting here hatching eggs in…

    drum role please…

    🥁 🥁 🥁

    Pokémon Shield.


  17. I feel like the directorial override requiring the service weapon vaguely implies the sword in the stone to have been a sort of lockdown/override situation

  18. I got into these games like 3-4 years ago and was like, why have I never played these beauties

  19. My favourite streamer playing my favourite game?

    Is it Christmas?

  20. will Thor play the Alan wake series? as that and Alan Wake II would also be a treat for him, even if Alan Wake I is abit… a lot dated and janky, I think he'll also like the characters.

  21. Watching someone experience Control for the first time is so exciting. The gameplay is decent, but the story, writing, and world building are amazing!

  22. first time watching a majority of your stream, i should do it more often

  23. The level design is fantastic and I never had serious gripes with the map. Seeing him get THAT lost and blame the game was funny lol. Im glad he finally played this! Right up his alley. Here's hoping new games from now on and not Noita every time lol

  24. You probably won't see this, but I wanted to mention, if a video is required viewing, there is a longer and more detailed form of it in the colectibles menu. The ones in-world are the minimum needed to have a basic understanding and follow the story, I assume so the people who care less for story don't get bored, but the ones in your menu have much more information. For this reason, I reccomend to watch all videos you get in the colectibles menu, like the hotlines, because you can't be sure if you missed anything, and you can miss some very important things. I almost did in my playthrough.

  25. I love games that Thor already doesn’t know and we can experience them with him

  26. Unfortunately at some point the game decided it will never save my progress again, and corrupted my original save. So now unless I can play through it without dying in one go, I can never beat the story.

  27. Thoughts on Don't Starve? I love that game play it on steam please!

  28. I can't listen to Trench's voice without thinking its Max Payne. Since its the same voice actor.

  29. Shame for anyone playing Control in a country that is native-speaker English. If you play it in English in a country that is NOT English-speaking, all the floating hiss agents speak in that country's language. Threw me off and was really unsettling in a way to play it in English and have those floaters sneering at me in German all the time.

  30. In MT there is a town called Heart Butte and in ND we have a Heart Butte too wish it was pronounced butt such a missed opportunity is better than crusty butt though 😂

  31. I dont get being a fan of Disrespect after the 5G conspiracy crap he did during covid, also cheating on his wife.

  32. 4:55:07 As a former Hazmat Chemist…nope, that's exactly what we do with it in real life too.

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