You may have seen a video game screen that gives a CREEPY IMAGE where the game gets mad at you for pirating it, well while many of these horrifying images, are actually fake, there’s some that are very much real. From games entrapping you so that you’re not allowed to beat the final boss, pixelating the screen to make it unplayable, to even deleting your entire game file, FLUSH is going to take a look at different REAL piracy screens, and compare them to some of the fake ones we’ve seen online.

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  1. I actually really like scary-mythbusting stuff, with the person (mythbusting the video) being a little funny too! Also, Mario, are you ok!?


  3. You'll never know how I got so many likes

  4. "I know what are you doing"
    Me: pls dont tell to my mom a search history😭😭😭

  5. in roblox i had a friend that i liked and one day he wasn't online and he is still wasn't online 🙁

  6. Hello there flush I have been having these black giltches it's kinda just in bloxburg for me it's like the pink screen of death but only for one game it basically giltches when u walk or jump it causes my screen to giltch and freeze alot idk if anyone else is having this problem but could u check it out

  7. I wonder how a real life piracy screen looks like.

  8. Bro,sonic 2 Anti piracy screen is a fan game of sonic.exe
    You don't know how to distinguish a Anti piracy.

  9. the thumbnail makes me say feliz navidad😩☝️

  10. 2:15 actually illegal instruction is when the game is trying to read other things (like ram) but in sonic u get that because its supposed to follow the code so u can already tell its fake

  11. one game: repeating PIRATA! but every pirata it gets creepier. Not included in the video

  12. Kinda wish the thumbnail wasn’t so cursed :/

  13. 1 thing is i am from earthbound cux i am starman duluxe.

  14. Mæby ÿøű şħøűłñďț mẽşş ŵițħ âñŷ țŷpě øf şøñiç

  15. Mario be like:

  16. how can sims 4 be pirated its literally a free game

  17. I watched this with the flipping lights of what the hell did I just do I think I saw a demon in my room

  18. These games are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo diarrhea

  19. The only way you won’t get jail time and fine is if you delete the app

  20. * 2k
    likes let me fix that*

  21. 1:45 bro how does the game know this is the future replace "2D classics" with "2D games"

  22. Fuck😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 OK where is the mom’s hanging in there?

  23. Why is youtube beings laggy for me on 1 – 23 – 24?

  24. Other games: Piracy is a serious crime

    Nintendo and Mario: IMMA COMING FOR YA LIVER

  25. The most traumatizing one has to be the Witcher one, bro even tho it’s a 6.5 second Romance scene, it still traumatized me to this day 😟😟

  26. Nah. The thumbnail scaring me to much

  27. Only real flush fans can like this comment

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