Cubs vs. Pirates Game Highlights (6/20/22) | MLB Highlights

Cubs vs. Pirates full game highlights from 6/20/22

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  1. The Pirates have some really fun young players

  2. Pittsburgh has a much brighter future than the Cubs. Cubs will be in the cellar for at least the next 5 years.

  3. Who them rookies think they are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶 great debut

  4. I'm a Yankees Diehard Fan, but wao this Pittsburgh Pirates ☠ team has a bright future with all these young players, if they keep em on the Team!!!

  5. Raise the Jolly Roger!
    ~~ Let’s Go Bucs! ~~

  6. Cruz is an absolute freak. Leave him at short, let us see something we've never saw before.

  7. O’Neil Cruz is going to be fun to watch out there for years to come, stay healthy big guy

  8. Cubs cs pirata🇺🇸🏏⚾️🏴‍☠️

  9. I never such a better debut that this one! Cruz and Bligh deserved it go bucs! Unbelievable win Cruz had 4 RBIS in his debut resulting in a blowout let’s go!

  10. I think the Cubs are just trying to figure out how badly they can lose each and every game What a Sad year for the Cubs

  11. so much fun it is to watch these young Bucs… I just wish we had like 10 more wins than we actually have… go Pirates!!!

  12. With their double digits scores, the Pirates sunk down the Cubs into Davy Jones' locker! 👍⚾

  13. Nutting doesn't like Cruz wearing his hat like that. Down to the minors he goes.

  14. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 27-39⚫️🟡⚪️💀☠️🏴‍☠️

  15. Great job by the Cubs trading away all our talent!!!! Cubs are a great team and organization

  16. On to the next game
    Win or Lose

  17. Pirates are so young and are better than usual. Keep them together Pitt you might have a solid team in a couple years. Whatever you do don't trade them for cash smfh

  18. Someone get that squirrel a steelers contract.. it could be once in a generational talent

  19. Get some pitching and pirates will have a team to get excited about.

  20. I absolutely mashed with Cruz gold prospect card last year in the show. glad he finally got the call.

  21. the squirrel lives in squirrel hill of course duh

  22. How do you know Daniel Vogelbach is running?

    By the depth of the waves in your beer mug.

  23. The cubs are so good.. at bloating the mlb's stats. These teams must love playing the cubs. Guaranteed blowout, hits & RBI's. Go Cubs!

  24. Theres no way Bligh Madris is a real name

  25. Relax Pirates fans you still have no chance of getting to the playoffs

  26. Ricketts and hoyer are a bad combination. Totally clueless ! They should send half the roster to Iowa. Play the youngster and admit they're a minor league organization

  27. This is the most hope I've felt about this time in a loooooooong time

  28. The guys trying to chase that squirrel were better than the Cubs trying to chase a baseball

  29. This is must see, I wish they played vs the Astros this year ….. but If I'm ever in Pittsburgh I'll have to check out cruz

  30. Pirates trade Cruz in prime heard it headfirst lol

  31. Tie Game Series 2 a Piece Chicago Cubs VS Pittsburgh Pirates

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