Cubs vs. Pirates Game Highlights (6/20/22) | MLB Highlights

Cubs vs. Pirates full game highlights from 6/20/22

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  1. Cubs always losing. Beautiful. Cardnials fan here.

  2. Cruz is going to be something special so much talent ⭐️

  3. I guess it’s about time for the Pirates to start trading all their players that are any good.

  4. We can probably trade and get some some decent prospects for Cruz.

  5. Can thank the Ricketts family for this colossal dung heap of a team

  6. Pirates offense was dominating and Cruz is the next big thing

  7. “We’re getting two runs out of this” boom double off the wall lol dude needs a raise

  8. suwinski cruz madris, the next mccutchen matte polanco???? obviously not all outfielders but yk what i mean

  9. What team did I just watch?? My Buccos???

  10. My God this cubs is so pathetic right now. This is a terrible year for baseball.

  11. O’Neil Cruz actually displayed all 5 tools tonight. Rare talent he is.

  12. 키브라이언 헤이즈가 꼬꼬마인줄 알았더니 블라이에 크루즈에 호이팍까지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. I hate when announcers over-react and gush about players' performances in a game, setting them up to fail. How many times did they say in this video how great these new young guys coming up are?
    It's THE CUBS they're playing, for crying out loud! Chicago is playing with a minor league roster at the MLB level this season, especially the pitching staff. So nearly EVERYBODY has good games when they play the Cubs. Chill out, announcers. Let your new players develop their own reputation, without you shouting at the top of your voice every time they do something.

  14. I have never been a fan of baseball but i am going to start watching games because of cruz. Look at the play at 3:55. What at laser.

  15. Man cruz is looking good let the man stay Pittsburgh i know there gonna get rid of him because it the pirates way let’s hope not i would say if they get rid of cruz and suwinski imma lose my marbles

  16. No way mlb added a squirrel highlight for these highlights lmao

  17. My God, this is a terrible Cubs team. The pitchers all look like they’re throwing batting practice.

  18. Pirates have some good young players , take me out to the ballpark , they looked like the lumber company tonight . What else they hiding down on the farm , go Bucs !

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