Cubs vs. Pirates Game Highlights (6/20/23) | MLB Highlights

Cubs vs. Pirates full game highlights from 6/20/23

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  1. If only the reds weren’t killing it the same time as the cubs, we’d be really climbing our division, still very close division tho

  2. My Cubs making it look real easy to win. Extend Stro right now.

  3. Cubs really have the Pirates number lately.

  4. Cubs outfielders really need to work on communicating

  5. Helluva game gentlemen! Adbert as the closer seems like a perfect fit. His strikeout rate mixed with his low walk rate and the movement on his fastball. If we keep playing like this we might be seeing them playing in October. We just gotta keep those bats goin’. Happ continues to punish the Pirates. 🧹

  6. Say it with me guys
    Cubs are the pirates daddy

  7. Belli at 1st might be the move for a while. I like the defense that he brings at 1st

  8. Need a stroman extension and a 3rd baseman in a trade 🙏
    Go cubs go!

  9. cubs doing great, but of course the reds are on a 10 game with streak, cubs can never catch a break

  10. Today Suzuki had 1 hit and 1 RBI to help the Cubs win the series! Tomorrow he will do his job again and sweep the Pirates!👏👏👏

  11. The Cubs are a fantastic team on paper.. Their record should be way better than what it is..

  12. If stroman isnt carrying us to the ws, idk who will

  13. Cubs are RED HOT right now. Love to see it.

  14. Seiya Suzuki and the Chicago Cubs wins the second ballgame over Carlos Santana and the Pittsburgh Pirates ⚾🔴🔵⚪🐻

  15. Hey Hey Holy mackerel, and yes, Extend Stroman today!

  16. Another quality start by Marcus Strong-Man.
    Go Cubs Go, Hey Chicago ¿What do you say? The Cubs are gonna sweep today.

  17. Sun is coming out for the Cubs, clouds are closing in on the Bucs.

  18. I waved at Barnhart and he waved back then hit a homer. He gave me a ball. Morel gave me a ball too

  19. Cubs Win!!! Cubs Win!!! Cubs Win!!!
    Go Cubbies Go!!! 💙🐻💙

  20. the cubs are blessed to have Belli at first. that man is a winner and you can bet on his defence anyday

  21. The Chicago Cubs are 35-38🔵🔴⚪️🐻

  22. Tucker Barnhart with his first home run as a Cub, Tauchman with his 2nd,triples from Happ and Hoerner, Madrigal with a double that almost went over the fence… ofc Stroman with another great outing… let's go Cubbies!

  23. Stroman, Steele, and Smyly have a combined record of (23-10). The rest of the Cubs staff is (12-28).

  24. I don't care who it's against back to back shutouts by the Cubs is very impressive.

  25. I don't know why I keep looking at these Pirates "highlights" daily.

  26. Just left the game disappointed in my pirates 😢

  27. Why couldn't we play like this at the beginning of the year

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