Cubs vs. Pirates Game Highlights (6/21/23) | MLB Highlights

Cubs vs. Pirates full game highlights from 6/21/23

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  1. Actress Pia Hamilton is the Chicago Cubs Movie.

  2. The professor took a class to Sweep them Buccos. LFG Cubs 🔥

  3. How is Nico Hoerner not getting more all-star votes?

  4. Watching this Pirates skid is not good for my mental state.

  5. Mancini with a glove made of stone, and his non existent bat must be made of plastic 👎

  6. Lmao @ the Pirates getting swept in their home field by the lowly Cubs. They all need to take a long look in the mirror & be completely ashamed of themselves. How embarrassing & pathetic!

  7. The Chicago Cubs are 36-38🔵🔴⚪️🐻

  8. Suzuki had 2 hits and 1 RBI today to help the Cubs win and sweep the Pirates. Suzuki was very good in this series and we hope this is the start of his return to form.🙌

  9. Ian happ has now gotten on base in FIFTY TWO STRAIGHT GAMES against the pirates

  10. 배지환님 화는 왜 내나요 다 똥볼 치는데요

  11. Cubs fan in the uk cannot wait to see them play both sat and Sunday much love from across the pond

  12. Cubs allowed one sweep to get away from them against my Orioles, so they made sure to finish it against the Pirates

  13. Cubs Win!!! Cubs Win!!! Cubs Win!!!
    Go Cubbies Go!!! 💙🐻💙

  14. Trey Mancini is an absolute liability at 1B. Belli should be in there every day no excuses.

  15. 鈴木誠也
    第一打席 右安 0:30
    第二打席 犠飛 4:32

  16. It would be nice if David Ross could get another pitcher to replace Taillon.

  17. Nico came to play today…nice team win. Go Cubs

  18. The Cubs have awoken…and they're hungry ⚾️

  19. Love to see Happ playing good and this Cubs are still in the fight 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 this division is wide open go🧸. Fly the W

  20. Kendricks may not blown you up with 100Mph heat but he is legit 70/80% of the time . Cubs playing really good baseball right now 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  21. Законопослушный водитель says:

    Кабс с победой

  22. Man after a great start to the season pittsburgh is now what everyone thought they were a bad team.. i feel bad for pittsburgh fans the owner needs to sell the team

  23. Ngl, 2 sub 90 fastball starting pitchers felt so weird to watch. Miss these control freaks

  24. The cubs get hot every June and then play .400 baseball at best afterwards

  25. Pirates scored a couple of cute little runs and celebrated like they won the World Series lmao! Still got whooped

  26. Cubs will win series against cardinals starting 6/24/23. Never mulvaney

  27. The Pirates are paying Rich Hill 8 mil a year for this?? Pitching like dog doo doo and throwing temper tantrums like a petulant child?!? Is this a leader??

  28. Seiya Suzuki and the Chicago Cubs wins the third ballgame over Bryan Reynolds and the Pittsburgh Pirates, well done ⚾🔵🔴⚪🐻

  29. Pirates…….You're killing me!!!!! 10 losses in a row all to inter-divisional teams!! Let's get back to winning ok?

  30. Yesssirrrr go cubs 🐻 💙 🤍 🧹🧹 love it

  31. Get rid of the umps at this game they were blind I went to the game

  32. Connor Joe's error at 1st cost 2 runs in the 6th.
    Letting Contreras pitch to a 4th batter gave a home run.
    The Pirates bats have been awful. The bullpen can't prevent opponents from building on their leads.
    Injuries keeping Cruz, Reynolds, and Cutch out of the lineup has turned the team into AAA.

  33. Lol Sept y'all last week and now we sweep you in your own park!!!! It's all in good fun though, at least your not the Cardinals!!! I actually respect the Buccos and behind Wrigley, PNC is my absolute favorite stadium. Good luck down the road and hope to see y'all in the playoffs!!! Let's take down the Reds and Brewers together so we can both be in the playoffs….. possibly

    Edit: sheesh, Happ really is a Pirate killer…. and I live it!!! The Buccos have someone good in bido… I see him eventually being a #1 on any tram. His stuff is nasty!!!

  34. The pirates are the worst organization in history. So bad for so long.

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