Cubs vs. Pirates Game Highlights | 9/21/23

Game recap of the September 21 Cubs vs. Pirates game at Wrigley Field.

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  1. Brilliant late pitching keeping us close once again!! Well done Cubbies!! You lost momentum at the WORST time possible.. Not good comments about Pittsburgh either

  2. Another disappointing game. 😠 No good reason why the Cubs couldn't have beaten the bottom feeder Pirates!

  3. I think it was the bottom of the fourth? Runners on first and second with no outs, and Bellinger, Swanson, and Suzuki all take home run swings at pitches they could not connect on. The results were three routine outfield popups. What ever happened to the fundamentals? Just make solid contact at what the pitcher throws to you. The Cubs are starting to look like those loosing years when everyone was going for the 3-run homer, even it seems like when no one was on bases. Everyone just swing for the fences, rather than just making good contact when a single can do more damage than the inevitable routine fly out.

  4. Fire David Ross fire sandberg or giradi what's a collapse this last few weeks were so close of getting the division 12 games over 500 and now may finish under 500

  5. The Cubs have now lost 10 of their last 13 games, which drops their record to 79-73.

    Cubs manager David Ross faced the media Thursday night, following his team's fourth-straight series loss. Ross aired out some of his frustrations, making a comment about his opponent that is causing a stir in the city of Pittsburgh.

    “That’s not a good team that just took two out of three from us," Ross said. "Or not our caliber of team I believe. We have to turn it around. It's on me. It's on the guys in the room."

    Longtime Pittsburgh sports writer Dejan Kovacevic took exception to Ross' comment, responding on social media.

    "The Pirates aren’t good," Kovacevic posted. "He’s right. But neither are the Cubs. And neither is Ross. Unduly cocky as a player when I covered him in Pittsburgh, unbelievably clueless and classless as a manager.

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