CUSTOM 2V2 PIRATE GAMES!! Sea of Thieves Battle with CDNThe3rd & Friends!

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ALL NEW FORTNITE SEASON 7 UPDATE!! (Exclusive New) Season 7 Gameplay is INSANE!! Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 Includes New Battle Pass, New Tier 100 Ice King Skin, other battle pass skins, weapon camos, planes, ziplines and more.

Season 7 Fortnite Battle Royale New Update New Map FaZe Cizzorz Gameplay



  1. Hey man im from croatian AND i love you man

  2. Did you get a new editor or did your editor change his style?

  3. Pls do more videos like this(my first time looking the game )

  4. There is only
    1 thing
    2 say
    3 words
    4 you


  5. finally more people r making SoT content i've been watching Zylbrad hoping that other people would do the same

  6. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz more sea of thieves!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. O yeah yeah o yeah yeah o yeah yeah o yeah o yeah yeah o yeah o yeah yeah yeah

  8. Where’s my brother-in-law yeah yeah o yeah yeah o yeah yeah o yeah yeah o yeah yeah

  9. 3.3mil subs but only around 100k views 👀🤔

  10. I love this game so much! Keep playing it please

  11. John why do you have to be a John you John I know you don’t like being called John that’s right John

  12. I really wanna get in a game with you. I’m pretty good myself.
    1 time I went in a game with a friend and ended up making over 50k gold! We destroyed 3 forts, destroyed a fleet of skeleton ships then we kill the meg and kraken and the same time and killed the meg again. And btw we teamed up with 2 other crews and we never sunk our ship once! Ended up treating myself. Gold sword, admiral pistol, admiral shirt and coat, eyepatch with a gold ore on it a type of admiral pants and boots. Also an admiral peg leg. And got a new ship and sail with ALL my gear being admiral.

  13. Ciz you got to play the horror game the witches house

  14. Since when did u play sea of thieves. Ur such a high level and I’m sure ur always playing fortnite


  16. Yo monster hunter music at the beginning of the vid! Do you play monster hunter Jack?

  17. You guys think he should do mroe of these type of vieos?

  18. Oh yeah yeah
    Where are my brothers

    Btw can I get to 20 subs??

  19. Make more do trickshots in the game as well in the game

  20. Yo cizzorz can you check out my deathrun map I’d really appreciate it
    My epic name is 22haz22

  21. 25:31 u can see a cloud as the shape of a skull which its eyes light up

  22. They went for the skelly quests, didn't bring enough journeys, and you ended up loosing to them?


  23. does anyone know how to create a private server like this

  24. This game died so quick for some reason.

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