CUSTOM 2V2 PIRATE GAMES!! Sea of Thieves Battle with CDNThe3rd & Friends!

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ALL NEW FORTNITE SEASON 7 UPDATE!! (Exclusive New) Season 7 Gameplay is INSANE!! Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 Includes New Battle Pass, New Tier 100 Ice King Skin, other battle pass skins, weapon camos, planes, ziplines and more.

Season 7 Fortnite Battle Royale New Update New Map FaZe Cizzorz Gameplay



  1. Yes! I used to love this game, I’m so glad you r playing it! Hope to see some more of this in the future

  2. Cizzorz comment back to me if you want to try my death run

  3. Never played this game but I enjoy the content 🤘🏻

  4. YOUR THUMBNAILS STILL SUCK!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Please do more sea of thieves this was really fun to watch!

  6. My names also Ryan and I use the kraken outfit as well

  7. Everyone can thank Summit for the SOT content now. Twitch clout chasers eh?

  8. Yes! I love sea of thieves and I’m glad ur playing such an underrated game

  9. My family is kindove our and I can’t get anything in fortnite I only get money from my dad and he’s the only one with the most money

  10. Don't press read more

    Now you are immune to these type of comments

  11. Cizzz is probably the inly youtuber that i have follow for a while i miss then hide and seek video on bo3 😢

  12. Do your friends still call you jack or is it now john

  13. Lit video💥keep it up! Hello person still reading this👋 i make montages on fortnite every week…. id appreciate it if you could check on out. You dont have to subscribe…😏

  14. Please read

    You are now safe from any cursed Comments until 2020

  15. I want more SoT content, but Cizzorz should play with people that know how to play

  16. Come on cizzors, show req and the hydration nation some love.! It was his one year stream anniversary too! Could at least put his name in there 🤔😞 he's a Yung GOD.

    His name is requiemslaps on twitch if anyone wants to check him out, one of my favorite streams!

  17. Pls more sea of thieves I really enjoyed it

  18. Is it just me or is it just messed up to play with a friend and not put their channel in the description?

  19. Oh yeah yeah

  20. I hope this becomes a popular format on Sea of Thieves this was fire to watch…

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