Dad vs Daughter – Dad’s Top 10 Pirate Games – 2022 Edition

Curse of the Scarab & Presentarator by Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. I like pirate themed games. I love getting booty. No Sea of Clouds? Tsk, tsk…

  2. Not sure of you've tried the following, but I think they are worth your attention (and may have made your list):

    The Pirate Republic – Probably the one that feels most like I'm a pirate. If you're only going to try 1, make this the one! They are doing a KS for a revised edition, but I'd suggest the original (similar to how you recommend the original Libertalia).

    Blackbeard – The Avalon Hill version is a classic. IMO it's the best version, though the game can be lengthy.

    Rum & Bones: Second Tide – They fixed some issues with the original Rum & Bones. Mostly hand to hand fighting, which does a decent job of representing the hand to hand combat that occurred when ships got close to each other.

    Skull Tales: Full Sail – Both this and the original (Skull Tales) were KS (don't think they hit retail), so they could be difficult to find (I found a seller via secondary market who was selling both). Full Sail is a more fleshed-out game, but either will give you a decent pirate experience. If you can find both, get Full Sail (with KS stretch goals if possible) as it's a better product.

    These wouldn't have made your Top 10 list, but are still good pirate-themed games:

    Winds of Plunder – A decent experience with several ways to play, but requires 3 players. Though it was released in 2007, it's from GMT so still available.

    Sabordage – If you are looking for a fun time, this could be the game for you. chuckles You build a pirate ship with the intent of destroying the ship of other players, but you could wind up destroying your own ship with a loopy cannon ball.

    Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides – A 2 player card version of Merchants & Marauders. Not as good, but it takes less time and can be good if you only have 2 players. Then again, you could just play M&M solo (or as I prefer, The Pirate Republic solo).

    I'm a big believer that there's a game for everyone, so I'm including these as they can round out your pirate-theme collection (you probably have played most of them):

    Dead Men Tell No Tales – It feels like Pandemic (maybe Pandemic with Flash Point), but I don't feel like a pirate.
    Pirate King – Think pirate-themed Monopoly with better player interaction. They say the expansion makes it better.
    Piratoons – Another ship builder, but I think Sabordage is more fun.
    Pirates of the 7 Seas – Dice rolling and role-selection. Worst part of the game is the tin it comes in. Sam Healey really liked it for what that's worth. chuckles
    Pirateer – An older game that's a decent gateway game, especially considering its age (1978).
    Dead Man's Draw – A solid card game, but again, I don't feel like a pirate playing it.

    Finally, since you enjoy pick-up and deliver, Fire-Fly has a space-pirate theme. If you only want the ocean, Nemo's War (2nd edition) is a solid solo game but it'd be a stretch to think of yourself as a pirate. If you could do that, you'd also have to include games like The Hunted/The Hunters, etc. which isn't true piracy (though tbh, I feel more like a pirate hunting other ships in a submarine than I do racing in Jamaica). shrugs shoulders

    In any case, I hope you'll find some joy in playing some of these (seriously – The Pirate Republic). I'm happy to 'talk' more if you'd like (Bahasa on BGG).

  3. Excellent list wish you had more photos though

  4. Thanks for the list. To me Korsar by R. Knizia is a pillar of pirate games. I would also recommend Pagamas, small French game that is basically Junta without the wargame part.

  5. I've had it for a while and haven't played it, but I'm wondering if Dead Men Tell No Tales would hit my top pirate games.

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