Debt or Alive: a One-Card Pirate Game – Overview

Debt or Alive is a solo, sandboxy one-card pirate game. You will sail around the seas raiding merchant vessels, completing adventures and trading goods on the black market.

Debt or Alive is currently a work in progress, but will be coming soon the crowd sale on The Game Crafter.

Brought to you from the designer of Gloomholdin’ and Dragons of Etchinstone.

Link to WIP page:

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  1. please do a playthrough video πŸ™‚

  2. looks great,cant wait to try out, already really love birdscaping, keep up the good work,i wish you just the best for your whole life

  3. That card is packed! I really like the design of the box

  4. A new game?! Oh man I'm excited! Dragons of Etchinstone is one of my favourites and I'm excited for Hand of Destiny to come in.

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