Denuvo Is Ruining Games | A Pirates Tale

Denuvo Anti-Tamper is an anti-tamper technology and digital rights management system developed by Austrian software company Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of Irdeto. The company also developed an anti-cheat counterpart

Not to glorify Pirating tooooo much but recently devs have been adding Denuvo to games despite knowing it slow performance. Games like Wild Hearts and Jedi Survivor basically getting negative reviews fueled by lack of performance a growing problem in todays game landscape.



  2. nice informative video 👍 hope we see more crackers for new games😅 these days feels so slow and games take so long for pirated version to be released .. and sometimes never cracked ! like the new fifa games ..

  3. How to make your good video great: lower the background music at it's sometimes too loud and makes it hatd to hear your voice plus pls cut all the unnecessary noise that makes us just want to stop the video. Otherwise good.

  4. Piracy = preservation. When Denuvo's serial verification servers are inevitably shut down for good, all uncracked games that use Denuvo will be unplayable.

  5. firgirl crack ? ….. lol am not finishing this video am out

  6. The yoda part Fukimg had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Good video but I do feel it kinda mixed up the history of Denuvo cracking with the 'why denuvo is bad', which got kinda glanced over in a few words

  8. How do you not already have 100k or 1 million subscribers? Your content is extremely under-rated.

  9. Payday 3 had a prelaunch update that was just. "We removed denuvo. Hope to see you in game. Happy heisting -strbz almir" parafraced (almir is head dev) had to look up what denuvo was cool vid thanks

  10. Oh no, cheaters can't cheat…. Get a better PC if your PC takes a dump from running 1 game

  11. I haven’t bought mk1 on steam deck because of denuvo

  12. This was a nice clean informative video well done!

  13. so beautiful content for good subscribers. 🙂

  14. empress wasn't the first to crack denuvo + he is def a dude.

  15. 4:03 I love when you guys say the pirating community in general lol, if you mean the people that get shit for free you might be right, but the pirates? lol they are chinese eastern european or even middle eastern none of them care about lgbt.

  16. Empress really did a "you either die as a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain"

  17. if you need to be online all the time then the game you purchased is not yours to begin with

  18. Pirates are gonna pirate and there is nothing you can do to stop them. I can understand and even support protecting your hard work but to go as far as using something that castrates your games performance boggles my mind. I mean, is this what gaming has become? All publishers are Todd Howard and other people over time fix their games? Keep fighting that war on drugs… er pirates. It's working out great.

  19. these games help people that don't have money to buy games and alot of games are not worth the 60-80 bucks!! i download alot of games from them

  20. Arkham Knight one day decided i needed to be online to play the game i bought. I didnt have internet anymore. Became a pirate ever since

  21. I Think Denuvo is more fucking with the games than protecting.

    Like, it tooks more to crack? Yes, but, i will buy a game that will not run in my PC even when my hardware is powerfull enough to handle it? No, i will just buy if one day the game become optmized.
    And this is the problem with Denuvo, people just care about the money and don't realise that their shots are returning to themselfs, people just buy their games because there is no crack, and when the crack releases the purchases fall as hell, and just get back to normal when the game optmizes…

  22. I absolutely love pirates, people who pirate games.. that's just.. I don't know I admire them. I hope they find a way to crack Denuvo. FUCK DENUVO.

  23. When I had played For Honor for a while, it just suddenly slowed down the PC randomly into an unusable slideshow. Despite not having any file that relates to the game except for itself.

  24. if buying isnt owning then pirating isnt stealing.

  25. Some good morals if she was able to turn down $3m/yr. And she was doing the cracks for like $500 lmao

  26. Fuck denuvo, I haven’t pirated a game for more than 10 years and Denuvo made me consider to start pirating again. But I don’t want to pirate so now I wait for deap sales on steam for games that don’t have denuvo.

  27. I don't mind DRM on games. I personally haven't pirated a game since i can't remember when… i don't even have MP3 on my drives.
    But what i WILL NOT condone, is a DRM that is squeezing my CPU and is constantly checking my files for any tampering.
    I came here looking for information about Denuvo because apparently Dragon's Dogma-II is using it.
    And after learning about Denuvo, i decided to NOT buy Dragon's Dogma-II … atleast not unless/until they remove Denuvo from the Steam version.

  28. Fitgirl doesnt crack games, kinda weird to make a video about a subject when you clearly dont know your shit

  29. I'll say it many many times, Empress although speculation on my part but based on my experience in security services and what I've learnt her statements show that she most likely is NOT the person who does the job, she probably is just a scapegoat that relish on the attention and someone's using that and her should they get caught.

  30. Is fitgirl a he/she like is it stated anywhere that fitgirl's a she or everyone just calls her a 'she' because of the name Just curious

  31. Yakuza Like a Dragon: Infinite wealth could've been a great release without Denuvo, but considering sega handled the performance for PC handsomely with Denuvo, I think it is a good tool when in right hands (If we exclude Steam Deck ofcourse…Denuvo ruins that one).

    Otherwise, if MOST AAA industries use it then people (especially Denuvo stans) shouldn't be surprised it gets such great backlash.

    If you are new to both piracy and anti-piracy measures then don't higher anyone to apply Denuvo to your game. It is like using smartphones to only watch TikTok.

  32. they should just make a game worth buying if they hate pirates

  33. It's not that I approves of pirating games, denuvo just sometimes slows the game down, I use an old gaming laptop some games tales 2-3 min of loading but games with denuvo takes 5-7 min loading time worse 11 min, I tested it on a GOG game and a Steam game ver. of cyberpunk and the GOG run faster and I can keep the file on a external hard drive to install whenever I want to keep my laptop storage free, It's sucks that I have to buy the game 2 times just to play a faster version of the game

  34. Currently i NEED to pirate some of the games because im live in Russia

  35. Denuvo is s plague that infects too many games. I have actually pirated games I already OWN and paid for just because they ran like shit because of Denuvo. The cracked versions ran much faster and had less crashes. Now if I hear it has Denuvo I actually won't buy it till they take it out.

  36. Just wanted to add that denuvo emarged from the ashes of secuROM, another drm software that spied users, fucked up the game and was also used as online authentication. Games using it also were rended useless when it died in favor of denuvo, i cannot stress enough how much i used to hate secuROM back in the day specially because it fucked up Spore badly.

  37. Do you know any cracks for South Park the fractured but whole gold addition I have the game on Steam, but I can’t play it offline and I have a trip I’m going on so I can’t be connected to the Internet all the time

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