Denuvo Is Ruining Games | A Pirates Tale

Denuvo Anti-Tamper is an anti-tamper technology and digital rights management system developed by Austrian software company Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of Irdeto. The company also developed an anti-cheat counterpart

Not to glorify Pirating tooooo much but recently devs have been adding Denuvo to games despite knowing it slow performance. Games like Wild Hearts and Jedi Survivor basically getting negative reviews fueled by lack of performance a growing problem in todays game landscape.


  1. Correction. Fitgirl doesn't crack games, only repacks.

  2. funny and informative video. i was dying ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Denuvo literally ruined the game industry as a whole. I would even say over micro-transactions cause the fact that they lose money + consumers just to avoid piracy? Look at Sega, literally majority of their games in the PC are hard to crack cause of this Denuvo infatuation, I will say remove anti-pirate software because majority who used cracked games are poor or just can't afford it but in a long-term standpoint, they might be fans of the game and will buy future releases in the future, it shows exposure and care to the devs who made it. The more people who play, the more popularity, the more long-term success. It sucks as the "Publishers" really are old corperate dumbasses who think the less pirated game, the more consumers will buy when in actuality it will just drive people away from their products. Denuvo just sucks as well due to many cases of it being a performance nightmare, I wouldnt be shocked if it is a bitcoin miner in the background aswell, with it being both restrictive and in some cases make the games all of sudden online-connected forcefully even if it is a single player game.

  4. Don't you think the internet memes are old? Why use shit like that? Are you too lazy to do something yourself that you'd not only use other people's stuff but latch onto their common use to add affect to anything you have to say? Is what you have to say so insubstantial that this is how you spice it up?

    Maybe you've spent too long around IP thieves and don't know how to think for yourself or show basic consideration.

    I wish people would stop polluting the world with their bullshit, but I suppose bullshit is the only way they can cope or be happy in the world the way it is. That's why it is the way it is: because it's catering to people who don't want to deal with reality or get anything real done. They're making money and pretending everything is okay instead of trying to cut the crap.

    And DRM, whatever else it does, is an attempt at not letting people like you abuse their intellectual property for your laziness and cowardice.

    Get a fucking clue and try thinking about something that doesn't just agree or take into consideration the bullshit of others or your own, if there's any difference whatsoever to be found.

  5. Did you know that your voice sounds a little intimate, like you're talking to me over candlelight, as if you and I are having a bit of a quiet, romantic moment, you playing music in the background and breaking the awkward silence with internet memes? Maybe don't hold back your voice so much, unless your goal is to get laid through the internet. If you want your DRM software to be cracked, you should probably be more obvious so others are clear you want to have sex with them.

  6. something to keep in mind is the actual definition and court rulngs on its terminology. the term "pirating" a game isnt downloading it with a cracked copy. or even torrents at all. but rather, SELLING OR CHARGING OTHERS for a copy. so empress was actually pirating games by charging to crack them.
    merely downloading a game thats cracked isnt illegal. gaining money for it is. tho alot of the big companies are always trying to change this, and succeeding in a few cases. but the definitions used in court have yet to change.
    i will always torrent a game with dinovo. if a game uses dinovo, it dont deserve money. if i torrent a game without dinovo, i usually buy it as soon as i get my paycheck if i liked the game enough to play past 3 hours.

    disclaimer: im not a lawyer. but i do spend alot of time doing research on laws and terms used in them, and verify my findings and anything related to them.

  7. Fire content ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ keep it up bro

  8. Remnant 2 runs so bad even on high-end specs. Mostly the devs fault for being terrible at optimising but yeah. Once games get cracked DRM should be removed. Most pirates will buy the game later if they enjoyed it or would never have bought it in the first place. The reason they don't add demos is because it would be too good for consumers.


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