DiSNEY GAME SHOW!! Adley vs Pirate Dad! playing Disney Movie Trivia for a Chocolate Trophy with Mom!

How much do YOU KNOW about Disney movies?!


HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s time for the A for Adley Trivia Game (Disney edition)!! This time it’s hosted by none other than my mom!! My dad and I were the contestants and we were ready to answer all the Disney questions!! As you know, my family and I are huge Disney fans and we try to watch as much of their movies as we can! I really love the Princess Movies, and I really love the show Bluey!! My Dad loves the pirate movies so much that he dressed up as a pirate!! It was kind of like pirates vs fairies!! To get started my mom placed a unicorn in front of us and told us that we had to grab him if we knew the answer! Last time we used bells and made so much noise mom thought it would be a fun idea to switch up the answering system!! She also informed us that if we got a question right we could get some chocolate!! and if we won we would get a trophy FILLED WITH CHOCOLATE!! So I tried my very hardest to win the prize!! A lot of the questions were a tough surprise but luckily I watch Disney+ a lot!! It was a good battle between my dad and I but luckily I came out on top!! I can’t wait to do it again!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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