Do YOU Pirate Games? – Dude Soup Podcast #7

You wouldn’t steal a car. You wouldn’t steal a handbag. You wouldn’t steal a TV. You wouldn’t steal a game.

Or maybe you would, what are we, your parents?

Piracy, GTA heists, SXSW, and more, on this week’s Dude Soup.

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  1. As a former PC pirate from Romania, back in the day, in my junior high/high school years, I couldn't really afford buying games for my PC. Prices on Steam were in another currency, which let to a higher price via currency exchange, I didn't have a bank account and my parents weren't to keen on buying video games for me (they still have a bad opinion of them). Did managed to buy some games from time to time from retail shops, when they started opening in my town.

    But really, not since I moved to UK and actually live on a steady income, did I start buying games on Steam. For most gamers in Romania, money and accessibility of video games was an issue. Now I can't complain, but I didn't had this luxury when I was a kid.

  2. One of the main reason I pirate is because there are more players there.

    For example : COD MW2(PC). I bought it on steam at $20. After playing it for a year, the number of players dropped drastically when AW came out. I saw a youtuber playing a cracked version with a shit tonne of players and I decided to go pirate the game

  3. The one game i do not feel bad about pirating is Pokemon Games. One reason is that I will not buy new consols for almost every game. Some are impossible to buy. And it is so easy buying an emulator and rom on my phone/mac.

  4. I pirate games but I never try to justify it because it's a slippery slope.

  5. I only pirate old games on PC that I have for console ex. Gta San Andreas, Gta III, vice city ect…

  6. Piracy's biggest motivator is "Is it available to me." That holds everything from cost, buying availability, and language availability. For a long time, I couldn't play certain japanese games because they never exported those fuckers. So, I got online, found a english patch and a torrent, and played a really great game. I could have never done this, and therefor never end up buying the game i enjoyed when it was localized to the US. It's also the same thing CDPRO did, they were crackers and also made translations for their country. They seen that the companies who made this game said "No, those people in that country wont make us money so they wont get it." When companies do that, they have no room to bitch when those people pirate it.

    If you're some broke ass college kid who doesn't have enough money for real food let alone a fucking 60$ game that could turn out to be shit or over hyped (looking at Destiny), it's impossible to get any kind of solid time with some games so making sure that it will be worth those 60$ isn't an outrageous request. Just make a demo! As you guys know, 1$=1 hour of play time so 60$=60hrs bare minimum. Battle Block theater was that for me. I only knew it was a platformer. Platformers aren't notorious for their replay value or long play time. But I torrented it and played only 20 minutes and knew I had a good game worth my hard won 60$. I also pimped the shit out of that game and even bought it for people just to have them play it!

    Now granted this is just me, and i know there are some people who just never buy anything that you can get online and pride themselves on it even though they have the means to get it easily. They're just the bastards of the world thats all you can say. You'd never get them to buy your thing anyway. But they way to really look at piracy is, it either will get you a good review and possibly get people to buy your game OR it will give some cunt a couple hours of entertainment when he would have never given your game the time of day. And yeah there's just hours and hours of discussion and studies and studies that need to be done in order to actually say anything or do anything about piracy so this comment is just useless but whatever.

  7. I don't pirate games for a few reasons 1: I'm a console gamer 2: I don't know how 3: Most pirated games I've seen are super shitty quality.

  8. Was I the only one who watched this and actually got feels from the game they were playing instead of listening to what they had to say?

  9. The point I always make when someone asks me why I pirate games is, I'm only 17 so I don't have many options in terms of making money. If I had the option to pay for a game, I would. But since I'm broke 99% of the time, I have to resort to pirating.

  10. If it's by Ubisoft, you pirate it.

    No hesitation, no surrender. Thundergun that shit.

  11. Cities Skylines, the most bugged city building game. Snowfall is almost there and the resolution bug hasn't been solved yet. Way to go, Paradox! I have the Steam version of the game, still no solution to the resolution bug. C:S=Waste of money!

  12. Also, downloading game updates take almost the same time to download a torrent version due to steam bugs.

  13. Personally I am 15 and don't work or have any sort of income. My dad does not earn much and I pirate most of my thing. However, Whenever a new game comes out that i am really excited for i wait a bit and buy it. I only pirate old games and i dont consider it a crime to freely download something like star wars empire at war.

  14. well, i'm 13 years old, and its either i pirate the game, or im never going to play it.

  15. I feel like internet piracy is like Weed. it's illegal but no one gives a shit.. and because so many people do it, it's not really something they can police.

    On the subject of not having instruction manuals in games… I hate the fact they give you a printed piece of paper telling you there is no manual because they are saving paper… that's retarded.
    Every game these days is so fucking easy they don't need manuals, this is partly because if the game is well designed it has a tutorial mode etc that teaches you. or in the case of darksouls its hard, and just says fuck you learn how to play like we did in the 80's. But then you get the massive oversized collectors packs that have pointless cardboard boxes with tons of cheap plastic crap that's way worse for the environment than a bit of printed paper. "lithographs" and "art books" are a bigger waste of paper than Instruction manuals..

  16. I think population demographics also play a part. Lawrence mentions that around 6 years ago, PC gaming wasn't doing so well because of piracy. Who usually pirates? People who can't afford it. Who can't afford it? People without jobs, usually early teenagers, say 13-16. Six years later they've got both the job and the motivation, not to mention the ease of purchasing thanks to Steam.

  17. i do it because these fucking games are shit these days games aren't as good as they used to be and i spent countless amount of my hard cash on a game that i no longer even play. my ps3 ended up getting so dusty bc i never touched it. i want to try it before i buy it.

  18. I'm late to the party, but I can say I've never pirated a game. I guess I'm quite lucky that my style of games are replayable and take hundreds of hours to 100%. Not like the franchises that pump out 1 or 2 games a year. Planned obseletion frustrates me so much. Thus I don't buy games very often, and when I do, the games have been out a while and it is reduced in price and will keep me entertained for months. Plus… I earn my own money. I see a lot of wingeing kids in the comments, maybe if you stopped playing the games you've stolen and went out to earn some pocket money you wouldn't HAVE to steal.

  19. i could tell james was into the intro of ori hard

  20. i will never buy another playstation or xbox because the games you buy at the store on those conosles are cheaper on steam most of the time hell sometimes free.

  21. Just Cause 3 never got cracked…haven't even seen a video of it ever sice the release

  22. Can someone confirm if Spoole actually smokes bud or if theyre always just fucking around haha :p?

  23. my opinion pirate it if you like it buy it shows that you're not just stealing but it but just trying it

  24. I want gta 5 ive wanted it for pc.sence they first time they said it and then rhey delayed it and I had to quit my job and never got a chance to get it and it sucks.cuz I want it so bad

  25. Why pirate games when you can get them for free by writing them off on your taxes?!

  26. The more I watch of Funhaus, the more I dislike Adam. He's not as funny as the others and it seem liks he thinks he knows everything, or atleast more than anyone else. The same goes for games, he always thinks hes better than the rest of the crew whenever they're shooting a gamplay video. Hows about you switch places with Peake?

  27. Lets take Bioshock for instance and how it is unplayable cause of the mouse lag. No patch has been released by the developer. So basically this means thanks for your money, now it's your problem.

  28. I'm only here for the Personality. The gameplay is a bonus. Plus I love bruce.

  29. I pirate games by giving them glasses of rum and asking them to join my crew lol

  30. I pirated games when I was under 15 and didn't have any money of my own.

  31. Another thing analysts might not consider is people who pirate games to try them before buying – I know I did. If developers still made demos, there would be a lot less piracy

  32. Coming back to this and realizing that my fav channel played my fav game of 2015 on my birthday. How tf did I miss this.

  33. Its funny how this Podcast is kinda wrong, Since its been recently proved, Piracy helps sells theres a study and facts, google. lol and, I admit, I do pirate a game as a demo, since most pirated games dont EVEN work as nice as the Original bought version, So I always get the game bought on steam, + most pirated games are cut down, in quality content, multiplayer. So, yes I always end up buying the games. Piracy Is a demo test for most people,It does help sales.

  34. there should be an adult swim-esque animated show based on funhaus. someone. make it happen

  35. Yes, everyone does now, and will continue to until video game companies stop having greedy practices.

  36. I wonder how much the game industry paid Funhaus to make this propaganda.

  37. 2018 and still haven’t bought a single game.. lol

  38. Watching all the Dude Soup Podcasts from the start to make my car rides to university bearable.

  39. I own about 200 Xbox (OG – One) games sooooo

  40. Bruce is so entranced with the game that he didnt speak for half an hour

  41. Adam: You have to get a BenQ monitor ….

    I was thinking that sounded familiar when my eyes drifted down and settled on the "BenQ" written on my monitor XD

  42. 29:42 "do you guys not have phones?"
    -blizzard guy 2018

    Adam beat you to it!

  43. I know this videos oldold I'm in the process of watching all your podcast to the point of people not liking watch a couple if you don't like it turn it off it's that easy

  44. I still love all your video if you dont read this then whatever.

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