Do YOU Pirate Games? – Dude Soup Podcast #7

You wouldn’t steal a car. You wouldn’t steal a handbag. You wouldn’t steal a TV. You wouldn’t steal a game.

Or maybe you would, what are we, your parents?

Piracy, GTA heists, SXSW, and more, on this week’s Dude Soup.

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  1. I know this is said A LOT and NOBODY will believe me but I do pirate games. BUT (and that's the part where nobody will believe me) if I think the game is worth my money the I will buy the game. Like Dust An Elysian Tail, or Call of Duty and almost every Visual Novel ( 😀 ). What's also my personal problem is that I was too young to have a credit card and that meant that I would have to go buy a paysafecard or Steam wallet card every time I want to buy a game, but now I am old enough to have one and so I don't have to go through that work to buy it. I definitly think that beacuse it's easy for me to buy the games NOW, I will. Oh and also. I have like 50 games with Steam+Origin but I have A FUCKING TON of console games. I got like around 250-300 PS3+Xbox 360+Xbone+PS2 games. Now that I think about it, I really am just shouting my opinion out there. Whatever

  2. I'm so happy for you guys…… I have no friends that play on PC………. So I have to do heists with all those random people. I only finished 2 heists…..all the other 200 attempts trying to play a heist were just people leaving in the middle of the mission -.-

  3. my internet is crap (Australia) it would not handle HD netflix so there is that.

  4. Steam currently has about 125 million active users.

  5. I rarely pirate games but when i do its only to see if it will run on my computer . but i do eventually pay . recently  DB xenoverse and i didint run although i exceded min requirements so i bought the console version . basically i only pirate because pc is unpredictable and im not going to pay $60 for a game that should work on my comp. and dosent

  6. I pirate games because I have a shitty PC I can barely run anything on and I have slow internet (100 Kbps yes those things still exist ) I live in UAE which doesn't have a copy right law so it isn't illegal to pirate them if I can run the game and it's not shit I buy it from steam if I can't run it I just delete it. If it's shit I delete it.

  7. Ps : games here are expensive af 200-300 AED for a ps4 game wtf is this bull shit

  8. Speaking about what developers have been doing in the past with packaging manuals and goodies into game boxes, movies, etc. It would be fairly simple for the publishers/developers to just add in a small card with the web address of the official wiki or have a QR code on it so us "bathroom readers" can scan and read like the old days. Or google… google works too. I don't know.

  9. Hey guys big fan just watching the fan art and Lawrence talking about people saying we didn't evolve from apes, how can people deny it when we have Ron Perlman about, great actor but come on he is proof

  10. About that thing where kids steal money from their parents credit cards I think that's so fucking stupid. What do the kids think is gonna happen when their parents find out that they bought shit? They make them return the stuff and the kid gets grounded forever. There isn't a plus side to it. Also isn't that the same money that buys them food and clothes?? I wouldn't steal from that.

  11. You are forgeting one thing. Piracy is more at hand in poor countries. For example in my country (Serbia), monthly pay is about 300 euro's. Paying for a 50 euro game, with that pay, is too much.

  12. "no" i dont pirate game. I down load them!

  13. What game were y'all playing?
    Sorry, just really curious

  14. 'Wait for a torrent to finish' Ahahah. 

    That's the problem, torrents are SO fast and convenient, it seems like a hassle to Log in and put in your card details (and pay money!) to stream. Generally a full 1080p film will be done in 2 minutes or less via a torrent.

    The only thing I pay for nowadays is games and software, I can't justify paying £5 – 10 to buy a DVD or stream something i'm gonna watch once. 

    If a game is £40, it's worth it, because I know im going to get 200+ hours of enjoyment out of it.

    Ah yeah i pirated Game of thrones too, because for the first few years it was out I HAD NO WAY to watch it, I literally couldn't watch it. Iv only just got sky Atlantic, so now I can watch it legitimately.

  15. DEMOS MEAN NOTHING i want to know what the game really is about till i buy i don't like it i delete it if i do i buy it to get all of the content

  16. I only pirate games for PC when I already own the game on my Xbox or ps4, or when I don't have any money to buy games. Also sometimes I'll download a game to use as a benchmark or try it out.

  17. u guys are bloody funny keep up the good work

  18. I think if a game is good enough most people who pirated said game would eventually buy it.

  19. This may not fix much but, if your games have multiplayer it will probably stop lots of pirating. I've pirated some games and I can guarantee that all of them were single player, also most of them I plan on buying at some point to "undo" the wrong I did.

  20. In my country (Serbia) 50 usd (an average cost of a game in the US) is almost 5500 rsd. That is a lot! I mean, you’re lucky to have that much to spend on whatever you want. So, i can’t afford anything. And most of the games aren’t available in my country. And because of that, i can’t enjoy PES 2015 MyClub because i have no choice other than downloading a pirated copy for free. So there are my problems:
    1. Too expensive
    2. Not available in my country/Too rare
    Same goes for consoles. I barely got my PS2 and i HAD to pirate it to play games off of an USB, because games i want aren’t in my country, i simply cannot get them.
    So at least i have a good reason for playing a pirated copy. And i am not publishing my "stolen" games.

  21. Pirating PC games to demo them does make sense because of all PC hardware combination. Looking at a lets play video will not tell you if it will run on your hardware!

  22. I just want to say, about 38:30 hearing about GTA 'Heists' and your guys praise of it being good enough to be a paid DLC.
    I felt that, because Rockstar made GTA Online feel like a different game, without the heists update there was no real co-operative feeling/gaming, which would have made GTA Online feel lacking/not worth the praise

  23. Been here for a long time, i only knew Bruce, back when he was on Machinima Making Videos using Halo 3, and you guys always manage to make outstanding new content as you grew as artists, can't wait to see what else you've got in store! keep up this Amazing work.

  24. They should've played AC4… For no particular reason…

  25. ..What i really hate is how people usually stereotype people that pirate and instantly say its just because they can do it so why not or any other dumb fucking reason. 
    Not every pc/console user can buy triple A titles, not every single person is able to spend all that money on just video games. Some may have financial issues so they JUST CAN'T spend 60-80 dollars each month for the new battlefield or new call of duty. Now a days gaming is an expensive hobby some just have to resort to pirating a game or two just to perhaps keep up.

  26. i dont get why people say its a pain to pirate games. Go to pirate bay find good torrent, download and play. easy!

  27. I wish they'd play PayDay 2 together.. Fuck, even the original. I just have a feeling they might enjoy it.

  28. I pirate some games to try them out before I drop 60$ on a game that I might absolutely hate, I usually never keep a pirates game if I like it, I will buy it if I like it or delete the "trial" if I don't

  29. Thats part of Paradox's model i think. Just always working on new content to add, and yeah, Paradox games can be DLC vehicles. But i dont thinks it any different than buying Heart of the Swarm or whatever the new void expansion is called. Every DLC pack adds enormous amounts of content. And if that cuts down on piracy, good for them. I'd like to see Wiz and all them get more money, so someday we see CK3(If any of us live long enough to see it) or knights of homor 2(yes i know ck2 is more in depth, but sometimes that can be intimidating. Id like koh2, but change up the build tree. I dont like straight up not being able to build things because i dont have farmlands or salt)

  30. With those ankle bracelets, if you have done a less serious crime, they will let you have 'Recreational time' where you can do your daily stuff, like shopping or if you have a job. For eg: they will let you leave the vicinity where the bracelet will trigger an alarm if you left the area, between the hours of '7am to 4pm'. If you were to breach those conditions and you were to be outside of the designated vicinity outside of those hours, bad shit will happen :C. The more you know! 🙂

  31. I clicked on this by accident. I was happy because it looked funny… then I realised it was 1 hour and 17 minutes long. I sighed. But I kept watching because I like these guys and I wanted to hear what they had to say, maybe for 10 minutes or so? By the end of the video I was genuinely enlightened and I had a lot of fun watching it, because it showed a different side to them that I didn't really know existed before. Glad I watched it in the end. n_n

  32. Im don't have the money and im entitled to play these games so im going to pirate them and im completely in the right to do so. That is all im seeing in these comments. ):

  33. As a person who pirates I can say for AAA games the answer to pirating is simple. Have either really good online content and or mod support. Those are two things you can't do with a pirated game. I buy a lot of games because I'm a competitive gamer. In the case of games like skyrim I buy because of mod support, in my particular case mod support to make the game harder. Games that make me want to pirate them are titles that gate off a lot of content with DLC or pre-order exclusives. Especially pre order content exclusive to different retailers. A pirated version includes all DLC and pre-order content. It's simply less hassle to not pay for those games.

  34. I pirate games to check them out since most games don't have demo's anymore. If I like the game I'll buy it off steam and if I don't I'll delete the game.

  35. Bit late, but I used to pirate games as a kind of demo. If I enjoyed playing the game I would buy it, if not, then it helped me know what to avoid and the game company wouldn't have made money anyway.

  36. Anyone else miss these cool intros from the later Dude Soup Podcasts ?

  37. So im at the point where its just extremely rare to pirate a game, and yeah its more of a hassle than it is to purchase it off steam, origin, humble store, greenmangaming, etc.

    Like few weeks ago, craved playing Far Cry 3 (I have it on console but not PC) and thought about torrenting it, however it was $7 on greenman so thought yeah i can spare that. Brought it, downloaded in 20mins, and i played like 20mins before leave it alone because i got Dying Light xD

  38. Actually some pirate because of money. And they don't have expensive PCs either. The prices in my country are very much over the minimum wage, unlike other countries. Some are buying, but people without salaries like children and teenagers, that live with their parents can't buy. It's a shitty situation, but until the prices change this will stay the same.

  39. I've pirated games before, not because I didn't want to pay. I actually didn't have the money. I didn't even have internet at the point in time I was doing this. I had to go to Mcdonalds and spend hours and hours downloading a torrent with their shitty internet. You know what though, I own 90% of those games now. Sometimes pirating is a product of a situation rather then a will to steal.

  40. Yes I do pirate most games, the reason being that most of the games that came out in the past few years were either garbage, broken as hell or the same clone of a game we have seen over and over again (looking at you call of duty…)
    Also games rarely get a demo or most of the time the Demo shows the only part of the game that actually is good while the rest of the game is terrible.
    So yeah I do pirate games and in the rare case where I do not delete the game after the first hour and rant two hours about what become of gaming nowadays and instead actually enjoy it, then I usually buy the game as soon as I get my paycheck.
    Although I do have to admit that there are some games where I say fuck it, buyin it day one (oh sweet sweet fallout 4 I will never put you away once you come out)

  41. Spoole looks like an alternative Justin Timberlake; he's all into his video games. Especially Smite. He loves Smite. Loves it.

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