Do YOU Pirate Games? – Dude Soup Podcast #7

You wouldn’t steal a car. You wouldn’t steal a handbag. You wouldn’t steal a TV. You wouldn’t steal a game.

Or maybe you would, what are we, your parents?

Piracy, GTA heists, SXSW, and more, on this week’s Dude Soup.

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  1. Nintendo games can be bought for as cheap as $15 AUD at local cash converters and pawnbrokers woo!

  2. Always pirate before I buy. I have to try it, I've been burned so hard by a shitty games industry with no return policy and a pretty corrupt pre release game media industry. Post release I can at least get some verification from people who aren't getting benefits and money under the table. But still.

    Also always pirate games with day 1 DLC, always pirate games that nickle and dime DLC. For example I bought Crusader Kings II on steam with the major reworks, but the other $100 worth of bullshit face packs etc I pirated.

    Basically every ubisoft and most EA games I pirate.

    What gives these people the right to fuck me, they're large so they can circumvent ethics and pay reviewers and outright lie, fuck em in the ear.

  3. Over the weekend I just pirated 2 PC games. The funny thing is I have both games that I legally purchased on steam. The reason was that in my country internet is expensive , slow and has ridicules data caps and throttling. And on steam the games are 14 Gig and 15 Gig but the pirated games are repacks that are 7 Gig and 7 Gig.

  4. Alright , what if i told you that games price is multiplayed by 10 at least in my country ? would you still buy it ?

  5. I hate to admit it, but i have pirated games before, 2 in total. :/ I only do this to see if i can run the game though, if i could run these games i would happily buy them, but its risky paying full price for a game when you may not be able to play it.

  6. Imo, if you pirated a copy of say Battlefield 4 when you're in school and money is tight but you have more spare time to deal with torrenting things. By the time Battlefield 5 comes out, you'll play it cause you played bf4 and you'll end up buying it because you have a job and more money but less spare time

  7. im 20 minutes in and James has said like, 5 words

  8. I've lost count of all the games i've downloaded (illegally), playtested and then bought  because I liked it.
    On the other hand, i've also lost count of all the games i've downloaded and within 30 minutes uninstalled and never looked at again.
    It works for me, saves me a bit of money every now and then.

  9. you can actually pirate games wtf!? i've been missing out XD

  10. You guys said it, Kevin Spacey said it, still publishers just don't seem to understand – make a thing accessible and easy to use when purchased, and people will pay for it. Always online DRM for single player games or games with just optional online components is pointless and when it makes playing a game more difficult for a paying customer (Lords of the Fallen or early Assassin's Creed DRM anyone?), are publishers really surprised with the legal to pirated ratio?

  11. I do pirate games because I don't have the money for it at all, (because I'm only 15 and cannot get a legit job) but if I get the money for it I do eventually buy it later. And I will admit it I feel bad for doing it but if I buy the game and it's bad I can't return it if I buy it on steam and if I get it for console and try to give it back to a store such as game stop I'll get 1.00$ back from the 40.00$ I've been trying to save, just wasted down the drain.

  12. I pirate on a "try before you buy" basis. If i like the game, I always purchase it legally soon after. There have been several instances where I've pirated and never played it again after a couple of play throughs due to it sucking.

    Also, sometimes its easier to Pirate a game than to buy it legally. Often, the official version comes with bloated, intrusive,  mandatory software (uPlay, Origin) that ruins the overall gaming experience.

  13. No because there haven't been any games to be bothered to steal.  I've torrented old pc games like silent hill 1 and 3…done the whole emulator and rom thing but otherwise no I've never downloaded a new retail game.  That would be wrong.

  14. In some countries 60 dollars are a lot of money. Like, in my country, 60 dollars become 800. That's a ridiculous amount of money to play a game, so it's easier to pirate games than buying them. Also, if you don't use Steam, you probably won't find the game you want to purchase. Like, for fucks sake, my friend had a copy of GTA V and his stupid brother broke it, so he went to buy another one. He couldn't find a copy of FUCKING GTA! Come on! That's one of the most popular games, and you don't even have it? What the fuck is wrong with you?

    So yeah, in the United States is easier to buy the games than downloading them, I agree on that, but in the rest of the world is not that easy.

  15. I would guesstimate that about 1/3 of cracked games are lost sales…. and of that last 2/3's probably 95% of them are non-buyers who wouldn't buy it anyway either because a: too broke b: in a country where you cant buy it, c: are just jerks who wont play something they cant get for free. The last 5% are people who want to try before they buy.

  16. a utorrent notification appeared on my screen during the video

  17. I drank a gallon of dude soup and I think I need medical attention.

  18. Your games are $60USD thats nice (with sarcastic tone) my games are $100AUD at lanch and digitally. If you try you might get $60-7? definetly not from EB games (game stop)

  19. The problem that in Aus it is cheaper to buy the game in store then to buy it digitally. You can buy brand new games in store for cheaper then online stores.

  20. if you play for the cost of the internet then what you can access from the internet is payed through the cost of access.

  21. Ever since Steam started pricing their games based on my local currency (RM), and Steam Wallet became conveniently available (at least where I'm staying) Not only have I stopped pirating but I've bought almost all the games I pirated.

  22. Having a shitty pc I can't just willy nilly buy any game I see.
    Like RUST, I thought my PC could handle it, since its not graphically amazing or anything close to it, after pirating it I cant even run it at +10fps.

  23. I don't understand why people keep saying how heists are worth money, although they were promised on day one and it's taken like a year and a half to even get them.

  24. Thought they were gonna talk about Pirate games, quickly realized they were talking about pirating games….I am an idiot

  25. You no longer have to keygen a pirated game.

  26. Got a softmodded original wii here running games of an external drive mostly because of my siblings loosing the discs or managing to not pay attention on how they insert them into the wii itself.

    Got a chipped xbox as well that is running pretty much only xbox games.

    I do pirate some games at times and buy them a bit later for example nonsteam version of killingfloor from late 2010 just to try it out and if i like it i'll buy it when i can.

    Ive done the same with Amnesia, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 1, portal 2, Need For Speed Porsche unleashed/porsche 2000 as its called in europe, Colin Mcrae Dirt 3, and lots of other games.

    Currently downloading killingfloor 2 as im writing this…

  27. It's still working for Nintendo? Uh, how many years in a row were they at a loss before this year?

  28. Piracy is still a big issue; Just ask CDProjekRed guys about Witcher 2, which they estimate half the copies of Witcher 2 being played on PC, were pirated. My brother pirates EVERY game, pretty much all the new games too, with the exception of a game I want to play with him or Battlefield. For him though, it's about money. He's trying to support a family on maybe 30 or 35K a year.

  29. Game publishers spent so much effort pushing the 'next gen' bullshit now a game can sell 2 million copies and still be considered a failure. Now they're trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of their paying customers with shit like preorder culture and DLC…. thus pushing more and more people into piracy.

  30. i pirate games and i always will because in my country if i were to convert my curency into dolars i get payed about 200 dolars a month…everything from food to clothes is scaled down in price to match the curency…i can live a month with 200 dollars no problem but the price of games and electronics is not scaled down to our curency…so you tell me is it worth it for me to buy games when most of them are 60 dollars no dlc,even after a while when the price eventually gets to half of the original price(sometimes) its still not worth it because i need that money to pay everything from bills to food to clothes

  31. Considering people are getting poorer and cost of living more expensive I don't blame people for doing it, and if you want to try a game for free (not being sure if you like it, demoing the game etc..) pirating is a must

  32. Original games are supremely expensive in my country because of currency crap. A 60$ game literally worth a million

  33. Only pirate games I own are AC: Black Flag and Rogue.

  34. Lol "I would hope you don't want us to do the same thing forever"#letsplay

  35. Thank  you so much for Ori and the Blind Forrest! I went and purchased it on-the-spot! Even though Australia does get the raw end of the joystick, if you give us access to it? We will buy it! The whole 'Australia is a Nation of Cons' needs to stop (lol)

  36. I would steal ALL those things if it was as easy as stealing games 🙂

  37. Guy in the center looks like Jamie Lannister.

  38. Wow guys, I know some of you out there who are pirates are smart enough to keep your mouth shut.  But holy shit, there is a lot of dumbass pirates out there.  Better trash your computer because your IP might be red listed now.

  39. I only pirate games when I don't have Money and know I will buy the game when I have the money cause I love the game and want to support the company. Or if i just can't find it anywhere. ..I think there are some (maybe not a lot) of people out there like me..

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