Do YOU Pirate Games? – Dude Soup Podcast #7

You wouldn’t steal a car. You wouldn’t steal a handbag. You wouldn’t steal a TV. You wouldn’t steal a game.

Or maybe you would, what are we, your parents?

Piracy, GTA heists, SXSW, and more, on this week’s Dude Soup.

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  1. I "pirate" games that I can't otherwise play regardless of how much money I have (see Pokemon Yellow, basically anything 20 year or older).  If you don't want people pirating, then make it harder to pirate.

  2. Instruction manuals are still being requested. This applies to mobile phones too. We have instruction manuals online, a troubleshooter online and the manual is INSIDE the phone as an app, and people still want the hard copy.

  3. I have, on my personal computer, over 200 triple-A title games on my computer acquired via piracy.
    That being said, I've bought Skyrim twice, once on Xbox and the other on PC. I've bought Dark Souls 1 on Xbox, PC, and on PS3. I am very willing to buy games that are verifiably good as well as long lasting. But I have no qualms with pirating a game with less that 20 hours of gameplay.

  4. I'm against video game piracy unless it's EA games

  5. Distributors are the ones that make up the prices on store shelves. Publishers have done wrong by following suit online, but ultimately still, it's the distributors & the market's fault. Publishers produce X amount of games, they price shipments according to X amount which is determined by sales projections, region & popularity, then the distributor prices. However, distributors take adv. of publisher's popularity. So, at most, publishers are only 20-25% to blame…if at all

  6. Problem is with steam and Australia is that if a game is still banned you'll have a hard time trying to get the game on steam. Hotline Miami 2 is a prime example of this happening where the dev's literally said "If you're in Australia and you'd like to play our game pirate it"

  7. I like games and I have no money. Of course I pirate games. But never new stuff, and mostly for systems I don't have. 

  8. Back in the day when I lived in Finland in the middle of a forest, all games were sold as hard copies and I didn't have a store near me. There were no games that could be purchased online and I didn't even have internet or a good PC. Games needed CDs inside to play as I did not know about cracks and all my friends had at least one game that was great (Starcraft, Blood, Heroes of Might and Magic 3) so my options were really limited.

    Then my cousin introduced me to piracy and it was the greatest thing ever. He had all the games I would ever want and play, even though I had to play on his PC because mine was lousy. The good side of it was that I could visit him often as he lived less than a kilometer away.

    Then I got a mediocre PC and things just started from there.

    Back then we had late-night stores that sold PC Gamer or other game related magazines that had demo-disks inside. Now there are no demos. Demo these days is classified as a presentation that you cannot play, only watch like a trailer. This pushes many to pirate a game before purchase, because there are no tests. Big releases sometimes have Beta which is a chance to test a game, but many just have them closed only for certain amount of players. There are a lot more players now than before. Early access has become a way to show a game before purchase or release, but they also require money.

    Remember Spore? The stupidest way to authenticate is to limit the installation to certain number, even if you bought the game. You HAVE to pirate it so you can play, if you have installed it more than 5 times. Then you download the iso file and break the disk like a Bruce, because it is useless now.

  9. since day one these have been so fucking dull and boring. Switch it up god damn it

  10. "PC industry isn't corrupt, and us pirating hurts it more than anything" Glares over EA Devouring the corpse of Maxis like a savage beast  Yup, Gaming industry is as pure as it could possibly be.

  11. I do pirate some games, but not because I don't like paying, but because most of them are really overhyped and mostly crap so I'd like to try the game before buying.

  12. Bruce needs a seperate mic in front of him. I can't hear all of his funny mumbles.

  13. I used to pirate a bunch, before steam came along. Because a few years ago, if you didn't live in NA or EU – half the games would be unavailible in your country. Even today, I am basically forced to pirate some titles because of region locks. These days however – no real point. You don't get online functionality, no patches or DLC, trojans being bundled with cracks – literally, better off not to play the game at all than to pirate.

  14. i stopped pirating video games 3 months ago , but i haven't played any new video game since that time and here is why:
    i live in Algeria, which is a country that supports only paying with checks or cash , and credit or debit cards are nearly none existent, so the only choice i had was to download the games because i had no other way to get them , and for the people that will say :" BUY THE GAME FROM A STORE" ……nearly 90% of the stores sell discs of video games that were pirated and burned on CD's , and they sell it for a really cheap amount of money , so why would i spend money on something that is illegal , when i can have it for free…..but then i realized that ILLEGAL stays ILLEGAL and has no justification, so i rather watch other people do walkthroughs of video games instead of doing the wrong thing and playing it myself…..but that's just MY opinion and should be taken as such    

  15. I like You Guys! It's not about the content you play!

  16. Love how they don't like mean comments then James takes a shit all over someones art haha

  17. Please do more Episodes of the corrupted Series it was just hilarious. Don' t listen to some kids claiming it was bullshit. Do what u like , because i think you had hell lot of fun playing those ROMs.

  18. i love the fact you often comment on prices of certain gaming/internet/entertainment things in australia, it infuriates me to no end the prices we pay for things!! even buying a single song on itunes cost more here than it does for you in the states, i understand to a degree with physical copies here in australia charging more when it comes to shipping costs but with something like a digital download and the price being higher even excluding any sort of dollar exchange rate does not make a single bit of sense!! Australia sort your shit out fools!!

  19. Regarding Dr. Sonntag's statement about finding oneself. I think it's not just the matter of these guys being afraid of changes made to FunHaus' content since "relaunch" but they may be worried that their sense of humor itself changed. I'm kinda on a fence when it comes to N64 hacking, I agree with some people that Demo Disk is the new Steam Roulette despite slight dissimilarities but I don't feel alienated. It's good that you guys try to find new ways to entertain us and I get it that there has to be a testing ground. Even though I am fond of new content it's still nice to see spirit of previous videos living on. Watching Raven's Cry reminds me a little of Ride to Hell and that's good enough for me. Keep up the good work. 

  20. when i was younger i pirated stuff but now i buy stuff

  21. I love the broken ROMs too, vocal haters gonna hate.

  22. I believe most people pirate because they are poor. If someone had the money to buy it, there is no reason not to do so unless you don't want to support the game. But for the people who don't have any cash and are poor and can't spend $50 every week on a new game, piracy is a huge help. It does not hurt the devs when you have no cash to give them in the first place.

  23. Ironically, I "hamburgerlered" this game a couple days before seeing this video.

  24. woah wait a second. Bruce was 16 when the internet and pirating was around ?

  25. Maaan this sucks, i need more dude soup!!!!!

  26. The way I see the broken rom's vids is that the game is already broke and meant to be funny. The great thing about FunHaus is that they can make something that's not meant to be funny, FUNNY and they often improv off a lot of the things that happen in games, that they play and create their own jokes with. So I just think these deliberately broken games clash with what you guys do best. 

  27. I pirate every game, if they work and I like it then I go and buy it. I use it as a demo, and if its a good game I buy it.

  28. I'm sorry, but I literally can't watch this right now. Ori is too distracting, and the music is too loud (and good), and I have to play that before this video.

  29. I've tried pirating
    To hard easier to get games on steam sales and I get to play them with friends easier

  30. Black Ops 2 is still 60 euro's on steam, the game is from 2012 shit, you ever think i'll pay for that shit?    (not that it is worth downloading tho XD)

  31. I remember when I was a kid and I got a new XBox game at the mall. I was so excited, that I would read the game manual in the car on the way home. It was just enough of a sneak peak to make me even more excited than I though I could be. I remember getting my first game with that stupid slip of glossy paper as a manual and actually feeling disappointed. I think it just came down to the fact that that manual gave me the last little teaser until I get to go home and finally play this game I've been waiting months for. Idk, my two cents

  32. next podcast james should play Psychonauts who agrees? 😀

  33. Man, I'm sorry to hear that people didn't like the Corrupted series of videos. Personally, I found them hilarious but I understand why people might not enjoy them or find them funny. With that, I don't know if you should stop doing this series just because a few people speak out loudly amidst the people that enjoyed and don't speak out at all. As someone that has seen and loved every single one of your videos (here and at IG), I love seeing you guys branch out. Even if I look at the title and thumbnail and am immediately confused, I'm still excited! I feel like you guys have said this before but it's your work, your art and if a few people don't appreciate it that shouldn't stop you from making something you enjoy making. And if they don't like a series, they don't have to watch it. That aside, love you guys. Keep up the good work!  

  34. I thought the corrupted ROM videos were pretty funny, the Ocarina of Time one especially

  35. You fucking take back that LOST joke NOW Bruce n James! NOW! 🙂 Early LOST was absolutely amazing ! In comparison, Lost season 1 and 2 vs season 5 and 6 is alot like……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Inside Gaming vs Funhaus  

    BOOM !

  36. Hello. Love the podcast. More spoole though

  37. I'm surprised people didn't like the modded Nintendo videos. Demonic Mario was fucking hilarious and James had me in tears. 

  38. It's a money thing for me, I struggled to get a rather good PC for 700/800 Euros i gathered at my 18th birthday, now i'm poor as fuck, but as soon as i start my work, wich is soon i hope, i will buy every fucking thing really just to repay for my piracy years.

  39. 100% agree that piracy is a substantial issue of access … the easier content is to access and the more reasonably priced something is, the less it will be pirated

  40. seawolf is an actual band, fairly good too

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